Confessions of a Makeup Artist/Esthetician

As an Esthetician and Makeup Artist I help people achieve a desired look, whether temporary or long term.  I offer a variety of services like waxing, full makeup application, facials, chemical peels, etc.  There are services that I offer/perform that I, personally, don’t enjoy or do myself.

These are my confessions……

1. I’d rather Nair my legs than wax or shave.

2. I only get rid of hair leg 3-5 times per year…..No lie.  My leg hair is super fine so it’s hard to see.  If people can’t see it I’m cool.  Yes, I’m that lazy.

3. I don’t like wearing fake eyelashes.  I can count how many times I’ve worn them.  They do enhance makeup looks and I encourage clients to get them, especially for special occasions, but me no likey.

4. I don’t wear makeup every day.  I used to when I worked in cosmetics because it helped me to sell more makeup, which led to me making more commission.  Now I work in a corporate atmosphere and have to be at work at 8 am and am NOT a morning person.  I’d rather sleep for the 20-30 minutes it would take me to do my makeup.

5. I’m either all or nothing.  When it comes to makeup if I can’t wear a whole face of makeup I won’t wear any, not even lipstick.  I don’t feel right.  At the very least I need foundation, filled in brows, blush, mascara, and a lip color.  Most of the time I put on eyeshadow but it doesn’t make or break anything.

My face is pretty much how I advertise and have gotten clients just because they liked how I did my own makeup so I don’t half ass it.  Go big or go home.

Brand Spotlight: Soap & Glory

Soapy and Glory is one of my new favorite brands.  It’s been around for a while but has only been available in the US for the past 2 or 3 years.



A lot of my favorite  Youtubers were always talking about this brand and how great their body products smelled, so when it was available at Ulta I decided to try some body butter first.  Then I tried a face primer, then a makeup remover, then a cleanser.  Annnnd now I’m hooked.  Here are my favorite products from the brand.

One Heck of a Blog Primer

One Heck of a Blot is a face primer that works great for oily and combination oily skin.  It is not silicone based like so many other primers.  It keeps my face matte and absorbs excess oil throughout the day.  It also has Vitamin E, which is great for anti-aging and keeping skin soft.

Vitamin C Facial Wash

This is my new favorite face wash.  I was running out of my other one and wanted to try something new because my skin was getting used to it.  I love Vitamin C and Ulta was having a sale (like they always do) on Soap and Glory so I tried it.  I did read reviews and watched some Youtube videos before I tried it and heard  nothing but good things.  I love the way it foams just enough, not too much, on my sonic brush.  It’s a gel with small beads and leaves my skin feeling clear, refreshed and clean but not squeaky clean.  Your skin shouldn’t feel squeaky clean.

Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk

 This claims to be a makeup remover/cleanser but I use it strictly as a makeup remover.  It’s very creamy and does a good job of getting off makeup including mascara and liquid lipstick.  This is the first step in my skin care routine and I follow it with the Vitamin C cleanser.  Whenever you wear makeup you especially need a makeup remover before using a cleanser.  Or you can cleanse twice; my preference is to use a makeup remover.

The Righteous Butter

This body butter is so heavenly.  It’s a great moisturizer and smells divine.  They also have a lotion version; I just prefer body butters because they’re thicker.  I used this in the winter.  Sometimes I would include a few drops of vitamin E oil if my skin was dry, but most times it was fine on it’s own.  And it’s not too heavy for the spring weather.

It’s scented with their signature “Pink” fragrance, which is very sexy.  I have no idea how to describe this scent and the brand doesn’t have a description for it.  Just go smell it the next time you’re in Ulta.

Let me know what are some of your favorite brands and products!

Skin Care Tips That Make Your Makeup Application Look Better

Skin care and makeup go hand in hand.  There are some who try to use makeup to cover up their skin care issues but the best way to deal with it is to get rid of skin care issues.  Taking care of your skin consistently can also help your makeup application look and apply better, and also last longer.  Here are a few tips that can help your makeup look it’s best:


Use an Eye cream

Using a good eye cream will help to keep your under eye skin hydrated.  When you apply concealer and/or foundation to any part of your face it should be set with powder.  If you set your dry under eye with powder that skin will look substantially different from the rest of your face.  If that skin is hydrated everything will blend, giving a natural finish.

Exfoliate your face

Exfoliating gets the dead skin removed from the top layer of your face.  Doing that on a regular basis helps all products penetrate and apply better, including your moisturizer and foundation.  Your foundation and powder will look more flawless with a natural look.


Moisturize/Prime Your Skin

This is a HUGE one for me.  Moisturizing your skin is a must, regardless of what the weather is like or what kind of skin type you have.  Your skin needs moisture.  After applying your moisturizer, wait for it to penetrate your skin before adding any makeup items.  Usually I wait about 5 minutes; I use that time to brush  my teeth, clean my ears, etc.  After the moisturizer penetrates a primer should be applied.  Both the moisturizer and primer help prep your skin for the foundation, allowing it to guide on effortlessly.

Exfoliate your lips

Your lips also need to be exfoliated.  Just like your face your lips are exposed to the elements and probably take more of a beating than your face does.  If your someone who wears lipstick, especially mattifying ones, you need to get rid of that dead skin and moisturize at least every other day so your lipstick and lipstick will always be popping.  I exfoliate my lips at least 1-2 times a week.  If you wear lipstick everyday you may want to bump that up to every other day.  After exfoliation follow with a good lip balm or Aquafor, which is a skin protectant.  You’ll notice the next time you go to apply your lipstick your lips should have little to no texture and last longer.


Everything you do or don’t do impacts how your skin looks when it’s bare and when you apply makeup.  Makeup is not a miracle worker; it can cover certain things but having a good skin care regimen will give you healthy skin that eventually won’t need a lot of cover up.

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Don’t Try This at Home

TGIF!!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am that the weekend is only a few hours away.  Anywho…..

Certain things should be left to a professional and should not be tried by the average person at home.  For instance, I refuse to do my own hair.  I’ve relaxed my hair before.  It looked a mess and some of my hair even fell out.  Never again!

Before I went to esthetics school I tried waxing my own brows and it was a catastrophe. Now, I do it without flinching because I’m trained and licensed.

Some things we try to save money on and do ourselves, but certain things need to be left to the professionals.

I watch a lot of Youtube and came across this video of a girl who tried to wax her own legs.  She’s a comedic Youtuber so she’s super animated and started a new series where she tries weird products or products that are hyped up on Instagram.  Apparently this wax has been hyped up and people refer to it as “Instagram Wax.”  Here’s the video:


I was hollering with laughter when I saw this.  That brand of wax is actually really good.  She did everything so wrong.

First of all, it’s a hard wax which is different from soft wax, which is more commonly used.  With hard wax the room you’re in should be super cold because your body temperature gets hot during a leg wax.  In order for the wax to be removed properly your body temperature can’t be high at all.  When it is the wax doesn’t come off the way it should and sticks to your skin, like in her case.

I’m a firm believer in trying to save money and doing certain things on your own but some things really need to be left to the professionals.

Let me know in the comments…….What are some of the diy disasters you’ve tried?

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Misleading Skincare Products: Don’t Believe the Hype

So you guys know I always say a lot is about sales and marketing.  That’s what I studied in college so I always pay extra attention to how things are worded and promoted.  Skin care companies have made a smart sales/marketing move but it’s not beneficial to the customer because they’re selling inaccurate information and expectations.  There are a lot of products that are marketed as “professional” or use terms that apply to professional products but they’re sold in department stores.  Let’s think about that…….if a product is truly for professionals it won’t be that easily accessible.  Here are a few products that do just that:

Rodan + Fields Enhancements Microdermabrasion Paste

According to this paste “is a high-glide, oil-free formula designed to help promote maximum gentle exfoliation.”   By looking at the ingredients this seems to be an exfoliator but definitely not a microdermabrasion treatment.  A true microderm treatment uses a tool that has tiny crystals that remove the top layer of dead skin cells and should only be done by an esthetician or dermatologist.

PMD (Personal Microderm)

The PMD is at home kit that comes with a tool that customers insert a disk into.  When powered on the disk spins, is applied to skin and exfoliates.  Again, this tool will exfoliate your skin but it is not a microderm treatment.  It retails for about $160, which is a lot of money to pay for something that doesn’t do what it claims.  You can get the same results with one of my favorite exfoliators, the Murad Skin Smoothing Polish, which is $20.

And speaking of Murad…….I looooove their products but they’re guilty of doing the same thing.

Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel

Using the word “peel” makes people think they’re getting a chemical peel which is super misleading.  I’ve had clients who really believe what’s on the product label and think they’re getting a real professional treatment at home.

Chemical peels are a great option to detox the skin.  For more info see my last post,  It’s Time for a Seasonal Skin Detox.   This product is basically a mask, not a peel of any kind.murad resurfacing peel

And they have a new product called the Resurfacing Peel.  It’s a towelette that has 10% glycolic acid.  The glycolic acid is an ingredient that will help with acne, exfoliation and aging but this is a far cry from an actual peel.

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It’s Time for a Seasonal Skin Detox

Happy first day of Spring!  I always encourage clients to do some sort of detox especially when the weather changes.  Just like you change your wardrobe you need to change your skin care products.

Your skin in the largest organ of the body so just like other parts of the body your it needs  a detox. A skin detox includes getting rid of the toxins and purging your skin of bacteria and dead skin cells that can cause acne, wrinkles and dull looking skin.

There are levels to this.  Here are some things that should be a part of your regular at home maintenance:clay-mask-girl

  • exfoliation – gets rid of dead skin cells, should be done 1-2 times per week
  • masque (different kinds available for specific skin concerns) – improves appearance of pores & hydrate, should be done once a week

These help to keep skin looking it’s best on a regular basis that are very little maintenance.  There are more procedures that are minimally evasive,yet more effective, that can be done by a professional.

Professional Facial

Getting a professional facial is a great way to detox skin.  A consultation always occurs beforehand to ensure you get what you need, so it’s customized to target your specific concerns.  It includes steam which opens the pores and allows the products to penetrate the skin deeper.  A combination of massage, treatments, and a masque make this an effective and relaxing option.



To help with texture and dark spots microdermabrasion is a good option.  It is minimally abrasive and removes dead skin cells, but goes a step further than regular exfoliation.  This term is being used loosely by some high end brands that sell products with the name, but true microdermabrasion is done only by a professional as it uses tiny crystals to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells.


Going a step beyond a facial and microdermabrasion are chemical peels.

Chemical Peels


Chemical peels are a great option but require more maintanence and preperation from the client.  No harsh products like retinol or exfoliators can be used for at least 7 days prior and the body can’t be overheated (so no exercising and maybe even sex) because sweating may cause deeper penetration of the chemicals that are applied directly to the face.

It’s great for hyperpigmentation and anti-aging.  Some side effects are burning & stinging so this may not be a good option for sensitive skin.  Peeling skin is often but not always a side effect, which turns some people away, however, those who get chemical peels, myself included, don’t mind the peeling because of the results.  You can expect a clearer and brighter complexion 4-7 days after a treatment.

Which one of these treatments are you going to do with the changing weather?  Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so we all can have glowing and healthy skin…..till next time!


3 Reasons You Need Vitamin C in Your Life

Vitamin C is not only one of my favorite products, it’s an awesome product to use around this time of year when everything is transitioning….the weather, your wardrobe, and your skin. When the weather gets cooler your skin needs an extra boost because its easier and more likely to get dehydrated if you don’t take the right steps.  Vitamin C is easy to find in products and is found in citrus fruits and vegetables.  Smokers need twice as much Vitamin C because smoking depletes it in the body.
But here are a few reasons why I love it!

1.  Anti-aging properties

Most don’t know that Vitamin C helps with anti-aging properties because it promotes the production of collagen and helps to firm skin.  It is also needed so skin and tissues can properly heal themselves.

2.  Fades dark spots

When used in serums Vitamin C helps to lighten sun and acne spots over time.  With continued use dark spots can fade and even go away.  The key is consistency.  If dark spots are an issue for you using a Vitamin C serum every day will help, in addition to exfoliating and cleansing on a regular basis.
For some reason back in 2014 I was experiencing breakouts on my cheeks.  I started using a Vitamin C serum, getting more Vitamin C facials and within a couple of months those spots have disappeared.
Getting a professional Vitamin C facial at least once every few months could also help.  The difference in professional and over the counter products is amazing.  There’s an instant glow but the few days after your skin will literally have a noticeable glow.

3.  Gives a glow

This is the reason I love Vitamin C for the cooler months.  Applying it topically in the form of a serum and/or cream will give your skin a natural glow.  No need for extra makeup or highlighter because a Vitamin C serum will take care of that for you.
Regardless of your skin type having a natural glow with clear skin is a sign of healthy skin.  Especially since the weather is cooler try out a vitamin C serum, cream, or mask and let me know what you think.
What vitamin C products have you tried?