A Makeup Trend I Am NOT Trying & Wish Would Go Away!

There’s a recent trend in makeup, specifically, that I’m over.  It’s the unicorn trend.  I am sick of seeing everything unicorn.  Where did this even come from?  There are unicorn highlighters, serums/elixers, makeup brushes, makeup looks and Starbucks even had that Unicorn looking drink.  I refused to try that because it looked like diabetes in a cup….no thanks!


I’m all for creativity, especially when it comes to art and makeup artistry but this is just dumb to me.  It’s not a wearable look.  What’s the purpose behind it?  Where are you going looking like an imaginary animal?  I used to wear bold makeup looks pretty often; now when I wear makeup it’s more natural.  Even this unicorn look is too bold.  I would feel crazy wearing this kind of look to work, the mall, a date, or anywhere other than a stage.

Even lower end brands like Wet n Wild have collections dedicated to unicorns.


This look (left) is beautiful.  I love the mix of glitters on the eyes….but I’m sure this young lady is not going out in public with this look.  At least I hope not.  This would be ok for a fashion show or some sort of festival but definitely not every day.  She obviously is either a makeup artist or enthusiast; clearly very talented with makeup.

This look (right) is mainly the type of unwearable look I’m talking about.  It looks like there’s a rainbow on her cheek.


I’m just not drinking the kool-aid.  All trends aren’t for everyone and this one isn’t for me.  I like some of the colors, like the light pinks and lilacs.  They’re gorgeous colors to wear for spring and summer.  The main thing about this trend that annoys me is the rainbow/unicorn highlight simply because that’s what makes this trend unwearable for every day makeup.

There’s even a unicorn serum that’s supposed to be good for anti-aging, which is just a product that threw the word “unicorn” on it to make it more trendy.  This serum is a regular product; they just made it pink with purple packaging to fit the whole unicorn trend.  I don’t blame them because I’m sure it has sold well because of that.

I’m just not buying into this.  How do you guys feel about?  Have you bought any unicorn makeup or beauty products?


Confessions of a Makeup Artist/Esthetician

As an Esthetician and Makeup Artist I help people achieve a desired look, whether temporary or long term.  I offer a variety of services like waxing, full makeup application, facials, chemical peels, etc.  There are services that I offer/perform that I, personally, don’t enjoy or do myself.

These are my confessions……

1. I’d rather Nair my legs than wax or shave.

2. I only get rid of hair leg 3-5 times per year…..No lie.  My leg hair is super fine so it’s hard to see.  If people can’t see it I’m cool.  Yes, I’m that lazy.

3. I don’t like wearing fake eyelashes.  I can count how many times I’ve worn them.  They do enhance makeup looks and I encourage clients to get them, especially for special occasions, but me no likey.

4. I don’t wear makeup every day.  I used to when I worked in cosmetics because it helped me to sell more makeup, which led to me making more commission.  Now I work in a corporate atmosphere and have to be at work at 8 am and am NOT a morning person.  I’d rather sleep for the 20-30 minutes it would take me to do my makeup.

5. I’m either all or nothing.  When it comes to makeup if I can’t wear a whole face of makeup I won’t wear any, not even lipstick.  I don’t feel right.  At the very least I need foundation, filled in brows, blush, mascara, and a lip color.  Most of the time I put on eyeshadow but it doesn’t make or break anything.

My face is pretty much how I advertise and have gotten clients just because they liked how I did my own makeup so I don’t half ass it.  Go big or go home.

Skin Care Tips That Make Your Makeup Application Look Better

Skin care and makeup go hand in hand.  There are some who try to use makeup to cover up their skin care issues but the best way to deal with it is to get rid of skin care issues.  Taking care of your skin consistently can also help your makeup application look and apply better, and also last longer.  Here are a few tips that can help your makeup look it’s best:


Use an Eye cream

Using a good eye cream will help to keep your under eye skin hydrated.  When you apply concealer and/or foundation to any part of your face it should be set with powder.  If you set your dry under eye with powder that skin will look substantially different from the rest of your face.  If that skin is hydrated everything will blend, giving a natural finish.

Exfoliate your face

Exfoliating gets the dead skin removed from the top layer of your face.  Doing that on a regular basis helps all products penetrate and apply better, including your moisturizer and foundation.  Your foundation and powder will look more flawless with a natural look.


Moisturize/Prime Your Skin

This is a HUGE one for me.  Moisturizing your skin is a must, regardless of what the weather is like or what kind of skin type you have.  Your skin needs moisture.  After applying your moisturizer, wait for it to penetrate your skin before adding any makeup items.  Usually I wait about 5 minutes; I use that time to brush  my teeth, clean my ears, etc.  After the moisturizer penetrates a primer should be applied.  Both the moisturizer and primer help prep your skin for the foundation, allowing it to guide on effortlessly.

Exfoliate your lips

Your lips also need to be exfoliated.  Just like your face your lips are exposed to the elements and probably take more of a beating than your face does.  If your someone who wears lipstick, especially mattifying ones, you need to get rid of that dead skin and moisturize at least every other day so your lipstick and lipstick will always be popping.  I exfoliate my lips at least 1-2 times a week.  If you wear lipstick everyday you may want to bump that up to every other day.  After exfoliation follow with a good lip balm or Aquafor, which is a skin protectant.  You’ll notice the next time you go to apply your lipstick your lips should have little to no texture and last longer.


Everything you do or don’t do impacts how your skin looks when it’s bare and when you apply makeup.  Makeup is not a miracle worker; it can cover certain things but having a good skin care regimen will give you healthy skin that eventually won’t need a lot of cover up.

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Retail Therapy Haul/1st Impressions

I don’t know about you but there are times when I just feel like shopping, sometimes specifically for makeup.  I need absolutely nothing but new products are launching and I wanted to treat myself and my clients to some new goodies.


Garnier Micellar Mattifying Cleansing Water for Oily Skin

I have used the micellar water for normal skin but Garnier just came out with this version for oily skin that mattifies the skin.  The timing was perfect because I’m almost finished with my previous bottle.


Milani Make It Last Setting Spray


I always use a setting spray as the last step in my makeup routine to help my makeup last longer.  I’ve heard really good things about this product.  I’ve been using Urban Decay’s All Nighter or De-Slick setting sprays.  Lately I’ve been wanting to try something different and this one is cheaper so I picked this up.  I’ve only used it once on a day where I was doing makeup and was sweating a ton because I was surrounded by lights.  My makeup help up pretty well but I’ll need to use it a few more times before I can form an opinion.


Jack Blak Lip Balm


This lip balm is sooooo amazing, especially with this cold spell we’re having so late in the winter.  It instantly moisturizes my lips and works great as a lip treatment after I exfoliate.  I actually ended up going back to the store to buy a second one, so I have one in my purse and one in my car.

Marc Jacobs eyeliner


I got a sample of this eyeliner last year and I’ve been debating for a while about buying it because of the price tag of $25.  It is so creamy and smooth; it makes putting on eyeliner so effortless.  But I work hard so I said what the heck and purchased the full size.  It comes in several different colors that I’ll be adding to my collection soon.

20170312_175441.jpgWet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder

I had been wanting to try a highlighter that wasn’t either gold or rose gold.  Right now the whole unicorn/mermaid trend is big in makeup which uses highlighting pastel colors.  I love Wet n Wild.  It’s a super affordable brand that has quality that is way better than a lot of luxury brands.  And I’m interested to see how this works.


Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer


I’ve been on the hunt for a good concealer in a pot to sculpt my eyebrows.  I’ve never used anything from Nars because they tend to have products better suited for normal or dry skin.  When I saw this matte concealer I was immediately interested but honestly I was a little disappointed.  There was nothing special about this concealer that I haven’t been getting from the ones I already own.  Since I really wanted to like it I tried it 3 times but couldn’t’ get with it so i took it back to the store.  I thought about keeping it but I’d much rather have the $30 I spent on it because I knew I wouldn’t get my money’s worth.

Essence All About Matt Translucent Powder


Essence is a brand sold in Ulta that is super duper affordable.  They have products that are good alternatives to higher end brands.  They make an eyebrow gel that I love.  I needed to replace the powder in my purse and was being a little cheap so I picked this up for $3.99 and can’t tell a difference.  It’s a very light powder that absorbs the oil on my face with no color.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s haul.  If you want to see me use any of these products let me know and I’ll make that a future post!


5 Things All Brides Should Know Before the Makeup Consultation

Spring is almost here and that means that it’s wedding season!  I have some tips for my bride to be’s that will hopefully make your makeup consultation easier and stress free for you and the makeup artist.


1.  Come Prepared.

All professional makeup artists charge for a consultation.  I allow 1.5-2 hours per bride; be-preparedusually it doesn’t take a full 2 hours.  But make sure you come prepared with pictures of looks and colors that you like.  You can bring magazines, makeup that you use, show Pinterest boards……anything that will help communicate what you want to look like on your special day.

2.  Have Realistic Expectations.

Makeup artists are skilled but can only do so much.  Techniques like contouring and highlighting can give an illusion and are very trendy but not everyone needs all of that.  Contouring was started by drag queens so they could altar their manly features.  Ever since Kim K. started doing it now everyone wants to be contoured to the Gawds……so not necessary.  Certain face shapes don’t need or don’t look good contoured.  And that brings me to the next tip…..

3.  Be Open to Suggestions.


The makeup artist is a professional and knows what looks good on certain face and eye shapes, on camera and in certain lighting.  If a suggestion is made be open to trying something new or different.  They only want you to look your best on your special day.  And no makeup artist in this world would do anything to have their work showcased and it not be their best.

4.  Know something about makeup.

I hear alot of brides, and clients in general, who say they want a natural look.  They don’t want to wear too much makeup, but then send me a picture saying this is the look they want.


This is NOT a natural look.  Nothing about it is natural.  It’s beautiful, but not natural.  She is wearing a full coverage foundation, at least one powder (probably more), concealer, blush, highlighter, contour, eyebrows are filled in, very very thick lashes  with a smokey eye.  The only thing natural about this look is her lip color.

Also, the consultation is a time for the artist to get to know you so expect questions to be asked.  I ask questions about skin, skin type, the type of makeup you wear on a regular basis, if any, preferences, etc.  I’ve talked to clients who don’t know the difference between matte and shimmer eye shadow.  Try to familiarize yourself with makeup related term. Most importantly please at least know what you do and don’t like.

5.  Speak up!  speak-up

The purpose of a consultation is to see if this is the makeup artist you want to book for your special day.  If there’s something that he or she does that you don’t like, let them know.  If you want to try a different eye look, blush or lip color let that be known.  I, personally, allot more time for consultations for this same reason.  Some people don’t want to offend the artist but would you rather waste your time and money?  Consultations are not free so get your money’s worth. Time and money are of the essence especially when planning a wedding.

And this is for your big day.  You deserve to have your makeup look exactly the way you envision it.

I hope today’s post was helpful!  Don’t forget to share and tag a bride who could benefit from these tips!

Don’t Be a Beauty Brand Whore

I’ve never been one that’s big on name brands when it comes to certain things.  As long as it looks nice, is in good condition I’ll use it.  I won’t budge on things like my Tropicana Orange Juice, Dawn or Ajax dish washing liquid or Arm & Hammer or Gain laundry detergent.  Those are my jams…..outside of that I’ll use a generic brand.

Makeup and beauty products range in price from super cheap like what you see at the Dollar Tree to super expensive brands like Chanel and Dior.  I refuse to by an $80 foundation because I know I can make a $10 foundation look just as good or better.  The foundation that I get the most compliments on is a $10 foundation, L’Oreal’s True Match.

You don’t have to get caught up in all the hype of the expensive brands.  With makeup it’s more about knowing what to do in terms of application than the product itself.  If someone who has no makeup knowledge uses a $200 worth of makeup it’s still gonna look like poo. And sometimes money gets tight but you still want to look your best.

Some of the best makeup can be found in local urban beauty supply stores.  The quality is comparable or very close to higher end brands.  Come window shopping with me!  I’ll show you guys some products that I use on myself and clients that have great coverage and lasting power just like the more expensive brands.



Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin

I have always had oily skin.  Anyone with oily skin knows it’s especially a struggle when wearing makeup because no one wants to look like a grease ball.

Luckily there are foundations that cater to oily skin.  I love a foundation that will keep my skin matte.  Once I do my makeup in the morning that’s it; I don’t like or want to do touch ups through out the day.  The most I’m willing to do is blot so I carry a pressed powder in my purse.

But I’ve found some awesome foundations that stay on all day, are matte, and when set with a powder don’t even need touching up.


1.  Kat Von D’s Lock It Foundation

I love this foundation.  It’s super full coverage, which I like, and super matte.  A little goes a long way.  They just revamped the packaging and added darker colors so the range in colors are very good for all skin tones.  I’ve had mine for a while so it’s in the old packaging.  The picture to the right is the new packaging.  I love it!
It’s sold exclusively at Sephora and retails for $35 for 1oz.  The formula is pretty thick but blends very well.

2.  Estee Lauder’s Double Wear

This is the OG of foundation.  It’s been around for a lot longer that I’ve been alive.  Women in their 60s and 70s love it because it came out when they were in their 20s.  It’s actually not the best for mature skin because older skin is typically dry.  This foundation is great for people with combination oily and oily skin.  The formula is mildly thin, much thinner than the Kat Von D.  A little goes a long way and it is very full coverage.
The only thing I don’t like is that it does not come with a pump.  I purchase my pump separately.  Other than that this is a great option for an every day foundation.  It can be found at just about any department store and retails for $39.50.
el-double-wearThere are also other versions of double wear.  There is Double Wear Light; the formula gives a lighter coverage.  And there is Double Wear Max, which is heavy duty super full coverage.  That formula is for someone who wants to cover a scar or even a tattoo.  It’s serious.  Both those formulas come in a squeeze tube so the packaging is much better at dispensing the product.

3.  Clinique’s Stay Matte

This formula is not runny at all, but it’s not too thick.  This foundation gives more of a medium coverage, meaning it does a good job of covering blemishes.  It is buildable so if you want it to be more full coverage you can add an additional layer.
I like the packaging; it comes in a squeeze tube and can be found in most department stores, Ulta, and wherever else there is a Clinique counter.  Retail price is $27 so it’s more affordable than most department store foundations.

4.  L’Oreal True Match

 This is a foundation that will always be in my collection.  I love it; it’s full coverage and gives a natural looking matte finish.  The consistency is thinner than the rest on my list but the color range is awesome.  There are a total of 32 shades.
My color is N8 (n is for neutral).  The colors are separated by N (neutral), C (cool), and W (warm) which makes it easier to search for your foundation based on your skin’s undertone.  Retail price is $10.95, which is very affordable and it’s often on sale at drug stores and Ulta.

5.  MAC’s Waterproof Foundation

This one may be my favorite simply because it’s waterproof.  I sweat a lot and in the summer this foundation was my go to.  The sweat would literally roll right off my face and not disturb the foundation at all.  It’s definitely worth the $34 price tag.  It claims to be 24-hour wear.  I haven’t tested that claim but I wouldn’t doubt it.  I’ve worn this in the rain, to a funeral, and to an outdoor concert in the summer.  I can tell you it certainly is waterproof.  It can be found anywhere MAC is sold, department stores and online.
The consistency is a little thick.  Coverage is medium but can be built up to full. I love the packaging;  the squeeze tube makes it easy to dispense the foundation and makes it easy to travel with.  I will always keep this in my collection and will use even in the colder months.
What are some of your favorite foundations?  Let me know!
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