Preventing Wrinkles

Hey guys!  Today I’m going to be giving a few random skin care tips that you either may not know or forgot, but will help prevent wrinkles. Face - Up & Out Method 1.When cleansing, applying moisturizers and serums make sure you rub up and outward to prevent wrinkles.  Over the course of time rubbing … Continue reading Preventing Wrinkles

Product Spotlight – Drying Lotion

I love a good spot treatment.  Since the weather has been changing my skin has been going through the normal changes that happen when it gets cold.  Once I discovered Mario Bedescu's Drying Lotion I was in love.  It helps treat whiteheads overnight according to the directions.  I get cystic acne, which is the hardest to … Continue reading Product Spotlight – Drying Lotion

Pay attention to expiration dates!

It's very important to know when to get rid of both skin care and makeup products.  Using anything past it's expiration date can cause a variety of issues. I find that especially with makeup women tend to hold on to it until it's all gone.  For example, with products like powders that come in compacts there is a … Continue reading Pay attention to expiration dates!