Confessions of a Cosmetics Girl

I always thought it was funny when people thought working in cosmetics was a glamorous job.  Very little of the job is glamorous.  Don’t forget working in cosmetics is still a retail job.  For anyone who has ever worked in retail you know what that includes:  angry/nasty customers, unloading shipments of products, inventory, working on holidays, … Continue reading Confessions of a Cosmetics Girl

Invest in your skincare

We all have used Clean & Clear, Clearasil, and I know I used to slather Noxzema all over my face back in middle school.  But that was back in grade school and maybe even college.  Just like your style, your attitude, and pockets mature so should your skin care.  You don't have to break the … Continue reading Invest in your skincare

Pay attention to expiration dates!

It's very important to know when to get rid of both skin care and makeup products.  Using anything past it's expiration date can cause a variety of issues. I find that especially with makeup women tend to hold on to it until it's all gone.  For example, with products like powders that come in compacts there is a … Continue reading Pay attention to expiration dates!