About Me

Hey there!!!  I’m Monet, a country girl, from a small town called Huger, South Carolina.  There’s literally nothing there but trees. But shot out to everyone from a small town.

I have an identical twin sister and we’re Geminis…..that’s some crazy shit, right?  There are 2 sides to me:  I’m a girly girl who loves hair, makeup and getting all dressed up.  The other side of me is a badass rule breaker who likes to buck the system.  What can I say?me-doing-makeup

I always knew I wanted to help other people look and feel pretty.  As a little girl I would watch my grandmother Sweet (yes, her nickname was “Sweet”) get all dolled up and put on her makeup even if we were just going to the grocery store.  She never left the house unless she was looking her best.  And I always wondered why.  She taught me that when you look good you feel good.  Her love of beauty went far beyond what people see on the outside, because it’s the beauty on the inside that matters.  That’s something that always stuck with me.

sweet on the phone
Grandma “Sweet”

She’s part of what inspired me to become a Makeup Artist and Esthetician.  I use what’s on the outside to help people showcase their inner beauty.

But I’m much more than a pretty face that makes other faces pretty.  I’m a writer.  I didn’t discover how much I loved doing it until college.  Since then I’ve loved to write just about anything. In addition to blogging I’m a Staff Writer for Syllabus Magazine. Press releases, bios, feature articles….I write it all.


I’m a single millennial woman who still remembers using green screens, knows how to use a card catalog and had an encyclopedia set before the Internet was a thing.  I’m addicted to hustling, working on becoming the best me and trying to get the most out of life.

Take  a trip with me as a single millennial woman in today’s world.  We’ll talk makeup, skin care and life lessons.