Review of Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner Fragrances

So I was sent deluxe size sample from Influenster to review.  I’m always excited when I get a package from them but when I saw the box I was super excited because it was for a Kat Von D product.

I love her as an artist and am a fan of her makeup line  so when I learned that she had not 1 but 2 fragrances I was positive I would like them.

The fragrances are called Saint (white bottle) and Sinner (black bottle).  These were sent to me as a pair but can be purchased separately.  When I first got them I sniffed them both and immediately was not impressed.  I was disappointed because I wanted to like them but I was immediately turned off by the sinner fragrance (black bottle).  It’s a warm and woodsy scent.  The notes are Patchouli, Wood, Cinnamon…..just not my cup of tea.

Saint (white bottle) is a floral scent, which usually I like.  The notes are Jasmine, vanilla and musk.  I didn’t dislike this scent but when I smelled it, it reminded me of something.  I just couldn’t place it.  I felt like I had smelled it before.  After a week or so it came to me.  It reminds me of Rue 21’s Revert perfume for women!  I paid $9.99 for my bottle.  Saint and Sinner retail for $65 for the 1.7 oz and $85 for the 3.4 oz.  You do the math!

When it comes to perfume I don’t mind splurging on a great scent but I wouldn’t waste money on either of these.  I ended up giving both away to family members.  I enjoyed testing them both out for 7 days each but I’ll save my coins and put that money towards a scent like J’adore.  That’s more my lane.

Hope you guys enjoyed this review!

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