How My Side Hustles Keeps Me Sane

Hey guys!  I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been working 13-14 hours every day for the past month so all I’ve been doing is literally eating and sleeping.

I was thinking, with all this working I’ve been doing lately one of the things that keeps me sane are my passions.  I sometimes refer to them as side hustles because I’ve been able to earn money while doing them, but not quite enough money to live on doing them alone.

I work 2 jobs; they’re just that.  They earn the bulk of the money I make and provide me with health and retirement benefits.  But my passions are what really keep me going.  Even though I haven’t been able to focus on them as much as I’d like to, planning blog posts, doing makeup on the weekends and writing pieces for publications is what really drives me.  I was recently accepted into the International Association for Professional Writers and Editors!

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There was a point in my life where I didn’t focus on or develop what I was passionate about.  In my 20s I was chasing a corporate career and putting all my brain power into that.  Honestly, I’m someone who despises the corporate work atmosphere.  It’s just not me.  But the side of me that needs that so called stability is what keeps me there……at least for now.  And I was taught that after college you find a good company to work for and start a career.  My “career” didn’t quite work out that way.

It wasn’t until I was laid off in October 2013 that I started to change the way I think about life and fulfillment.   I was out of work for a few months and took the first job I was offered because I was living off of unemployment.  That job lasted about 5 months because I was sick of being in an environment that stifled my creativity. The environment was becoming a toxic place.  Simply put….I didn’t want to be there anymore.  Shortly after turning 29 I decided I was going to leave that job, whether I had another job lined up or not.  It was time I started having some faith.

When I left that job, voluntarily, I went to esthetics school in the fall of 2014.  That’s when I decided I will always do what I’m passionate about, even if it’s part time right now.  It’s what keeps me sane.

Recently I was able to be a makeup artist at a tea party that raised funds for ovarian cancer.  Being in that atmosphere and sharing my gift with cancer survivors was such an honor.  That is why I became an Esthetican and Makeup Artist, to help women realize that their outer beauty can match their inner beauty.

Making money is important, but in the past few years I’ve learned that money can’t buy my fulfillment.  My passions are what drive me everyday and that’s what I’m pouring myself into.

I encourage everyone to pour yourself into what makes you happy and fulfilled, whether its a hobby or something you can make a living from. Follow your heart and the money will come.  Throughout the past few years I’ve been broke and broker than broke.  Money comes and goes but your happiness is something that keeps you going.

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