Dating After 30: The Insecure Edition….I’ve Been Issa,Tasha & Molly

So the ratings for Insecure have skyrocketed. I’ve been a fan of Issa since she had her YouTube series so I’m super excited about the success of the show.  This show is so realistic it reminds me too much of myself and some friends of mine.

If you haven’t seen the most recent episode, check out a good recap here.

I’m 33 and single, so I’ve had my share of bullshit when it comes to dating and relationships, so I relate to this series so much.

#TeamLawrence has been going in on Issa saying she’s a hoe when she’s really not.  She’s actually pretty bad at it with her awkward ass.  Side note:  Luke James character would have gotten it….over and over.

#TeamIssa is on her side because she made a mistake (bc having sex with dude was wrong) but she realizes it and wants her man back.  They recognize that Lawrence should have done more as a man to be there for her and bring home a damn paycheck.  He didn’t deserve to get cheated on but he didn’t make the situation any better.

I haven’t really seen anyone be #TeamTasha.  People actually hate her character.  I don’t hate her; I just knew she was in the way of Lawrence and Issa getting back together, which is my ultimate goal.  But I am #TeamTasha after this last episode.

Here goes some transparency.  Some women try to act like they’ve never played the fool and that’s a damn lie.  We all have.  I’ve been Tasha in situations and I’ve been Issa.  Let me clarify.  Tasha is chillin but meets a guy who seems to be a good dude.  He’s coming out of a bad breakup but she enjoys him and they have good sex.  Obviously she was the rebound but for whatever reason Lawrence let his light skin friend (who even knows his name?) make him realize that he’s being a fuckboy with Tasha because all they do is have sex.  Lawrence is used to being the good guy so he does what he thinks he should do and takes her out on a date and even goes to the family cookout.  Doing those things sends Tasha the message that he may want more than sex from her, which he doesn’t.  And she told him about himself.

She said it so perfectly in the most recent episode. “You’re the worse kind.  You’re a fuckboy who thinks he’s a good dude.”

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She said what a lot of females never said to the Lawrence they’ve dealt with.  Watching this last episode was like me watching a younger Monet.  But Tasha handled it much better than I did.  And for that I was freaking ecstatic.  #TeamTasha all the way damn it!

Now, I’ve also been Issa in the sense that I’ve made a mistake in relationships. She was in the relationship so long she doesn’t know how to be single.  She wants him back but feels she may not deserve him.  So she decides to have a hoe phase.  Everyone has them, some are more eventful than others.  And let me say I think it’s interesting how Issa and Molly have switched roles.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”YU48N” via=”yes” ]Side note:  Molly pissed me off when she blew off Sterling K. Brown’s character.  She doesn’t know what she wants. Oh hell, who am I kidding.  I’ve been Molly too. #Insecure[/ctt]

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I’ve been dumb enough to let a really good guy go because at the time I was being super shallow.  He’s married with kids now.  To this day he reminds me that I could have been his wife.  :-/  Obviously we weren’t meant to be but the only thing that stood in the way was me being picky over things that didn’t matter.

Well, until next time.  I’ll be doing these posts regularly now because Insecure is way too close to real life.  I love it though!

Let me know who you relate to more!

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4 thoughts on “Dating After 30: The Insecure Edition….I’ve Been Issa,Tasha & Molly

  1. I love me some Insecure. And the main season is because its so real. I related to every single main character. That’s why its so hard for me to judge or be upset with any one character. Even when they are dead ass wrong I can relate to their actions. And surprisingly on Twitter last Sunday half my timeline all of a sudden became #TeamTasha. I was lowkey… make that highkey shocked. But the Former Tasha in me gets it.

    1. I’m in such a no judgement zone with all these characters. Lawrence did need to be called out though. And I need to get back on Twitter. Think I may live tweet this Sunday.

      1. Ok for the slow clap!!! Girl, we’ve all been Tasha. But the light skin friend always makes me chuckle.

  2. *insert slow clap* I’ve def been Tasha. That’s my vote. Can’t wait to read the next few posts now that I’m all caught up!

    …..and lmbo at “the light skin friend”. What does no one know his name?!

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