Concealed Depression

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.  I’m a double minority so here goes…..

I recently read an article on concealed depression, which did an awesome job of listing 15 traits of people who have depression but are able to conceal it.


Here is a link to the article.  Below, everything in bold is taken directly from the article.  Written in italics is my response/opinion.

There are a few that really resonated with me:

#2 They tend to search for purpose.

We all need a purpose in this life. We want to be sure that we are in some form doing meaningful things. People suffering from hidden depression are not exempt from this. They too want to know the reason for their existence. They are much more susceptible to feeling things like inadequacy and anxiety which leaves them searching for something they can never seem to achieve in their own minds.

Personally I do need to know what my purpose is.  Everyone is supposed to have one.  Isn’t that the purpose of living?

#5 They often have a very involved perception of life and death.

People suffering from depression often face their own mortality in moments of despair and seek answers to life’s deepest questions. They tend to shift from one terrible mindset into another. Sure, not all depressed people deal with suicidal thoughts, but some do.

This is very true.  However, I do think all people with depression have at least thought about, if not attempted, of taking their own lives.

#7 They have abnormal sleeping habits.

People with depression will often sleep for what seems like or may literally be days. Sleep at times can be impossible while other times could be the only thing left that the person can do. When a person is depressed they are dealing with a state of helplessness that will rock their world.

There have been times when I literally only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep, usually during the week.  Other times I can sleep or be in the bed whenever I have free time…..basically as soon as I get off from work and on the weekends.  Unfortunately there is not always a balance.  Either get too much sleep/rest or not enough.


#9 They are professionals at coming up with ‘cover-up’ stories.

They are able to come up with believable elaborate excuses for the things they are going through. Like if they skip an appointment or don’t return your calls for days. They can easily change the subject when things like this come up and turn the attention away from their pain.

I just say I’ve been busy.  

#13 They have trouble shutting off their brains.

These people process everything going on in their lives at a fast speed. They over analyze the good and the bad making everything impact them much deeper. Their brains are like sponges absorbing everything that comes their way.

I over analyze every damn thing so shutting off my brain takes a lot of work.  This is also one of the things that gets in the way of getting sleep/rest.

#14 They hurt when other people hurt.

When other people are suffering it brings them down to their worst points. This sort of thing often triggers their emotional pain and can be crippling.

This only applies to people I really love and people I’m close to.  If they hurt I hurt just as much, sometimes more than they do.

#15 They always think of the worst case scenarios.

While this is very stressful it can be beneficial from time to time. A high intelligence seems to be linked with depression, and they are able to respond to anything that comes their way. This makes them good problem solvers for the most part.

This is so damn stressful and leads to extreme anxiety.  I don’t know about the high intelligence part.  I’d like to think I’m smart.

I don’t know if the author of this article is a mental health professional or if they have a mental illness themselves.  The article is pretty accurate.  I do have a few of my own traits that I would add based on my own experiences and what I’ve seen in other people with depression.

  • They become emotionally detached.  People with mental illness can have so many emotions going on that sometimes it’s just easier to lose all emotion.  Sometimes it’s necessary to just get through the day.  It’s not an everyday thing but there are times that I have to mute all emotions because if I didn’t I’d be sad and pissed off all day.
  • They can be extreme with their emotions, being either super sad or super mad.  Sometimes it can happen in the blink of an eye.
  • They can be moody.


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