Influenster Product Review: L’Oreal Moisturizer

Influenster sent me another free product to try!  This time it was the L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Deep Acting Moisturizer.  I participated in a skin care challenge.  I took before and after pictures of my skin after using the moisturizer for 14 days.  Here's my before pic.  I don't have on any makeup, this … Continue reading Influenster Product Review: L’Oreal Moisturizer

Product Review: All Natural Cruelty Free Lip Balm

Hey guys!  I was recently contacted by a company to review some of their homemade lip balms.  I was super excited because I can't deal with dry chapped lips.  It's not cute or sexy.  I literally have lip balms in my room, my car, at my desk, and in almost every purse.  It's a beauty … Continue reading Product Review: All Natural Cruelty Free Lip Balm

Concealed Depression

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.  I'm a double minority so here goes..... I recently read an article on concealed depression, which did an awesome job of listing 15 traits of people who have depression but are able to conceal it.   Here is a link to the article.  Below, everything in bold is … Continue reading Concealed Depression

Determine Your Skin Type

You have to know your skin type.  It helps with so many things like how your skin reacts during certain weather changes, times of day, what kind of makeup you should wear.....basically everything.  Knowing you skin type also helps you determine what type of products you should use and also stay away from.  A lot … Continue reading Determine Your Skin Type