Self Care is a Must!

Happy Monday!!!

I’m always a little late. I’ve just gotten into listening to podcasts.  I’ve recently discovered another one I like, called Another Round, where 2 young ladies named Heben and Tracey discuss things from pop culture to race to politics.  They’re pretty entertaining.  I always listen to something while I’m at work during the day.  I got tired of CNN and YouTube videos so I did a search for podcasts.  This one kept coming up so I listened to an episode.  From there I was hooked and I’m still catching up. I think there are roughly about 83 episodes so far.

The thing that I love the most is that they promote self care 100%, whether it’s taking your medication, seeing a therapist (which I believe one of them is or has in the past) and they have no shame.  Tracey is African American and Heben is a black immigrant who came to the US as a child.  It’s very rare in our community that black women talk about self care so openly.  Usually they’re making jokes about it, which lets me know that its normal.  There are so many people who suffer from different kinds of illnesses or conditions and keep everything bottled up.  These 2 ladies have helped me realize that it’s ok to talk about your issues as long you’re doing something about it.  I love the take they have on things like anxiety/depression and how to cope.

There comes a time when everyone needs a break from the day to day craziness; self care is an absolute must.  Everyone needs a mental health break where you do little to no work and just enjoy life.  Spend time with friends, take a vacation, or do nothing but binge watch your favorite Netflix show.  Not taking time off from work can cause you to forget what your working for!  You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I used to do nothing but work, work, work.  I still work a good bit, but now, I make sure I take time out for me to do what I want every now and then.  I wasn’t going to do anything for my birthday last month but at the last minute decided to take a trip to LA because I work hard and deserve to have fun.  I went offline most of the time, not paying much attention to my phone.  I visited with friends in the area that I haven’t seen in several years and toured a city I’ve never been to.  It was awesome.

When I focus on me and my self care I don’t do (or at least try not to) do social media.  I do something that’s either productive or fulfilling and make myself my priority for the moment.  Sometimes it makes me feel selfish but I work hard and deserve some me time.  Everyone does.  I just go offline and enjoy friends and family, read, write or do anything that makes me happy.

It’s summer time and the weather is awesome.  It’s a great time to take a vacation and have some time to yourself.  Take care!

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