A Makeup Trend I Am NOT Trying & Wish Would Go Away!

There’s a recent trend in makeup, specifically, that I’m over.  It’s the unicorn trend.  I am sick of seeing everything unicorn.  Where did this even come from?  There are unicorn highlighters, serums/elixers, makeup brushes, makeup looks and Starbucks even had that Unicorn looking drink.  I refused to try that because it looked like diabetes in a cup….no thanks!


I’m all for creativity, especially when it comes to art and makeup artistry but this is just dumb to me.  It’s not a wearable look.  What’s the purpose behind it?  Where are you going looking like an imaginary animal?  I used to wear bold makeup looks pretty often; now when I wear makeup it’s more natural.  Even this unicorn look is too bold.  I would feel crazy wearing this kind of look to work, the mall, a date, or anywhere other than a stage.

Even lower end brands like Wet n Wild have collections dedicated to unicorns.


This look (left) is beautiful.  I love the mix of glitters on the eyes….but I’m sure this young lady is not going out in public with this look.  At least I hope not.  This would be ok for a fashion show or some sort of festival but definitely not every day.  She obviously is either a makeup artist or enthusiast; clearly very talented with makeup.

This look (right) is mainly the type of unwearable look I’m talking about.  It looks like there’s a rainbow on her cheek.


I’m just not drinking the kool-aid.  All trends aren’t for everyone and this one isn’t for me.  I like some of the colors, like the light pinks and lilacs.  They’re gorgeous colors to wear for spring and summer.  The main thing about this trend that annoys me is the rainbow/unicorn highlight simply because that’s what makes this trend unwearable for every day makeup.

There’s even a unicorn serum that’s supposed to be good for anti-aging, which is just a product that threw the word “unicorn” on it to make it more trendy.  This serum is a regular product; they just made it pink with purple packaging to fit the whole unicorn trend.  I don’t blame them because I’m sure it has sold well because of that.

I’m just not buying into this.  How do you guys feel about?  Have you bought any unicorn makeup or beauty products?


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