Re-evaluating my 2017 Goals: Half the Year is Over!

Happy second day of June!!!!  It’s officially the halfway mark for 2017.

I’ve been analyzing how the first half of my year went.  It started off a little rocky with the death of my grandmother, but I have been able to cross some of my goals off my list.  At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals of what I wanted to get accomplished in 2017.  The main one was to focus more on writing, get my writing published on someone else’s web site and get paid for it.  I was able to cross that off the list when I started writing for an online publication in April.  Other goals include paying off debt (which I’m still working on) and evolving into a better me.

I recently turned 33.  A friend of mine asked me how 33 is going to be different from 32, which made me think…….I need to rewrite and come up with new short term goals for the second half of the year and long term goals for the next few years.

Its super important that you have goals that you work toward and hold yourself accountable.  I like to write mine down because if I don’t I’ll forget and not actively work towards them. Each week I write down a plan that will help me reach my goals.  I’m a very visual person so I like to make lists so I can cross things off as I get them done.  It makes me feel gook, knowing I’m being productive.  I encourage you to do the same!  What do you want to do?  How are you going to get there?

Here are a few of my goals for the second half of 2017:

  • Keep focusing on writing and get published on at least 2 more platforms, not including my own.
  • Generate at lease 2 more streams of income through writing and/or makeup/esthetics.
  • Establish larger brand identity.

What happens if you don’t reach your goals?

If I don’t reach my goals I don’t beat myself up; I start over with a new set.  Maybe the first goals weren’t realistic.  That’s ok.  Having something to work towards that will make you a better person keeps you motivated and gives you something to be exited for.

What are your goals for 2017?  Have you met any of them so far?

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