Dating After 30: Don’t Ask for My Social Media

Happy first day of May, my birth month!!!!


Now that that’s out of the way I have a series I’m thinking about starting about dating as a woman over 30.  Here’s a story about a recent encounter…….

So I went out the other night with a friend and her boyfriend.  We went to a local bar that has a lot of adult games like Jenga, Corn Hole, pool, etc.  The atmosphere was super laid back and everyone was having a good time.  My friend and I were playing corn hole and by this time had had a few drinks so we were feeling good.

This guy was watching me and my friend play corn hole and asked if he could play me.  After a while he bought me a drink.  My friend’s boyfriend went with him to the bar because I’m super cautious about taking drinks from strangers.

We talked for a bit and at some point he asked me to walk with him to his car to get something, can’t remember what because I was indeed pretty tipsy by this point.  Before I could answer my friend and her boyfriend let it be known that was not going to happen.  As we’re talking a friend of his, KiKi, interrupts our conversation and they speak in code.  Sounded like an illegal transaction of some sort.  As she walks off he’s like “Oh, that’s my friend KiKi.”  I didn’t really care so I was like ok.

Then he asks me for my instagram name.  My IG is for business and I’m not huge on social media.  The only platform I post personal stuff on is Facebook.

I was a little confused as to why he asked for it.  Apparently that was his way of wanting to communicate with me.  I looked at him like he was crazy.  I had to know his age because this is some new age young Millennial type crap.  He’ll be 30 in July…..too damn old to be asking for my snapchat and IG.

Sir, I’m grown.  If you want to get to know me you’ll need my number.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started paying more attention to the small things that let me know what kind of person a guy is.  Here’s what I came up with for this guy.  I can’t remember his name but that’s not important.

  1. He has an issue with communicating.  I wish like hell I would communicate with you through DM…..yeah right dumby!
  2. Regarding the interaction with KiKi……right before we left he was talking about how he wanted to get to know me and has nothing to hide.  That’s why he introduced me to KiKi.   STOP!  You didn’t introduce us.  You told me who she was after she walked off with her rude ass, interrupting our conversation.
  3. Why was he talking in code with this girl?????  The conversation between them that was obviously hiding something and the random trip to his car let me know you’re doing something I don’t have time for.
  4. He talked about himself way too much.  There were things I said more than once and each time he acted like it was the first time I said.  He wasn’t listening.

I haven’t gotten a DM and if I do I won’t respond.  But am I tripping?  Y’all, let me know!


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