5 Things All Brides Should Know Before the Makeup Consultation

Spring is almost here and that means that it’s wedding season!  I have some tips for my bride to be’s that will hopefully make your makeup consultation easier and stress free for you and the makeup artist.


1.  Come Prepared.

All professional makeup artists charge for a consultation.  I allow 1.5-2 hours per bride; be-preparedusually it doesn’t take a full 2 hours.  But make sure you come prepared with pictures of looks and colors that you like.  You can bring magazines, makeup that you use, show Pinterest boards……anything that will help communicate what you want to look like on your special day.

2.  Have Realistic Expectations.

Makeup artists are skilled but can only do so much.  Techniques like contouring and highlighting can give an illusion and are very trendy but not everyone needs all of that.  Contouring was started by drag queens so they could altar their manly features.  Ever since Kim K. started doing it now everyone wants to be contoured to the Gawds……so not necessary.  Certain face shapes don’t need or don’t look good contoured.  And that brings me to the next tip…..

3.  Be Open to Suggestions.


The makeup artist is a professional and knows what looks good on certain face and eye shapes, on camera and in certain lighting.  If a suggestion is made be open to trying something new or different.  They only want you to look your best on your special day.  And no makeup artist in this world would do anything to have their work showcased and it not be their best.

4.  Know something about makeup.

I hear alot of brides, and clients in general, who say they want a natural look.  They don’t want to wear too much makeup, but then send me a picture saying this is the look they want.


This is NOT a natural look.  Nothing about it is natural.  It’s beautiful, but not natural.  She is wearing a full coverage foundation, at least one powder (probably more), concealer, blush, highlighter, contour, eyebrows are filled in, very very thick lashes  with a smokey eye.  The only thing natural about this look is her lip color.

Also, the consultation is a time for the artist to get to know you so expect questions to be asked.  I ask questions about skin, skin type, the type of makeup you wear on a regular basis, if any, preferences, etc.  I’ve talked to clients who don’t know the difference between matte and shimmer eye shadow.  Try to familiarize yourself with makeup related term. Most importantly please at least know what you do and don’t like.

5.  Speak up!  speak-up

The purpose of a consultation is to see if this is the makeup artist you want to book for your special day.  If there’s something that he or she does that you don’t like, let them know.  If you want to try a different eye look, blush or lip color let that be known.  I, personally, allot more time for consultations for this same reason.  Some people don’t want to offend the artist but would you rather waste your time and money?  Consultations are not free so get your money’s worth. Time and money are of the essence especially when planning a wedding.

And this is for your big day.  You deserve to have your makeup look exactly the way you envision it.

I hope today’s post was helpful!  Don’t forget to share and tag a bride who could benefit from these tips!

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