Instagram Makeup is Not Real Life

I always talk to girls who say they want to be able to do their makeup like Instagram models or Youtubers.  There’s nothing wrong with that but a lot of people don’t realize that people on camera apply heavy duty makeup.  I’m talking layers.  When you see it in person it looks like drag queen makeup but on camera it looks amazing.

Here’s one of my favorite Youtubers, Jackie Aina, doing the Instagram makeup challenge.  Basically Youtube Beauty Gurus are doing “regular” makeup on one side of their face and Instagram makeup on the other side so you can see what a big difference there is.  I love Jackie Aina; her personality is amazing and she’s hilarious.

Here’s another good one….

I appreciate a woman’s beauty, both with and without makeup, and to do Instagram makeup takes a lot of skill.  But it’s not real life.  Just like people always posting nothing but happy go lucky pictures isn’t real life.

Personally I don’t even wear makeup every day.  I used to.  Now, I wear it 0-2 times a week, depending on what I’m doing.  When I did it would be a happy medium between Instagram makeup and “regular” makeup because I like to showcase my artistry when I do wear makeup.

What do you guys think about Instagram makeup?  Too much?  Or just right?

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