5 Things All Brides Should Know Before the Makeup Consultation

Spring is almost here and that means that it’s wedding season!  I have some tips for my bride to be’s that will hopefully make your makeup consultation easier and stress free for you and the makeup artist.


1.  Come Prepared.

All professional makeup artists charge for a consultation.  I allow 1.5-2 hours per bride; be-preparedusually it doesn’t take a full 2 hours.  But make sure you come prepared with pictures of looks and colors that you like.  You can bring magazines, makeup that you use, show Pinterest boards……anything that will help communicate what you want to look like on your special day.

2.  Have Realistic Expectations.

Makeup artists are skilled but can only do so much.  Techniques like contouring and highlighting can give an illusion and are very trendy but not everyone needs all of that.  Contouring was started by drag queens so they could altar their manly features.  Ever since Kim K. started doing it now everyone wants to be contoured to the Gawds……so not necessary.  Certain face shapes don’t need or don’t look good contoured.  And that brings me to the next tip…..

3.  Be Open to Suggestions.


The makeup artist is a professional and knows what looks good on certain face and eye shapes, on camera and in certain lighting.  If a suggestion is made be open to trying something new or different.  They only want you to look your best on your special day.  And no makeup artist in this world would do anything to have their work showcased and it not be their best.

4.  Know something about makeup.

I hear alot of brides, and clients in general, who say they want a natural look.  They don’t want to wear too much makeup, but then send me a picture saying this is the look they want.


This is NOT a natural look.  Nothing about it is natural.  It’s beautiful, but not natural.  She is wearing a full coverage foundation, at least one powder (probably more), concealer, blush, highlighter, contour, eyebrows are filled in, very very thick lashes  with a smokey eye.  The only thing natural about this look is her lip color.

Also, the consultation is a time for the artist to get to know you so expect questions to be asked.  I ask questions about skin, skin type, the type of makeup you wear on a regular basis, if any, preferences, etc.  I’ve talked to clients who don’t know the difference between matte and shimmer eye shadow.  Try to familiarize yourself with makeup related term. Most importantly please at least know what you do and don’t like.

5.  Speak up!  speak-up

The purpose of a consultation is to see if this is the makeup artist you want to book for your special day.  If there’s something that he or she does that you don’t like, let them know.  If you want to try a different eye look, blush or lip color let that be known.  I, personally, allot more time for consultations for this same reason.  Some people don’t want to offend the artist but would you rather waste your time and money?  Consultations are not free so get your money’s worth. Time and money are of the essence especially when planning a wedding.

And this is for your big day.  You deserve to have your makeup look exactly the way you envision it.

I hope today’s post was helpful!  Don’t forget to share and tag a bride who could benefit from these tips!

Don’t Be a Beauty Brand Whore

I’ve never been one that’s big on name brands when it comes to certain things.  As long as it looks nice, is in good condition I’ll use it.  I won’t budge on things like my Tropicana Orange Juice, Dawn or Ajax dish washing liquid or Arm & Hammer or Gain laundry detergent.  Those are my jams…..outside of that I’ll use a generic brand.

Makeup and beauty products range in price from super cheap like what you see at the Dollar Tree to super expensive brands like Chanel and Dior.  I refuse to by an $80 foundation because I know I can make a $10 foundation look just as good or better.  The foundation that I get the most compliments on is a $10 foundation, L’Oreal’s True Match.

You don’t have to get caught up in all the hype of the expensive brands.  With makeup it’s more about knowing what to do in terms of application than the product itself.  If someone who has no makeup knowledge uses a $200 worth of makeup it’s still gonna look like poo. And sometimes money gets tight but you still want to look your best.

Some of the best makeup can be found in local urban beauty supply stores.  The quality is comparable or very close to higher end brands.  Come window shopping with me!  I’ll show you guys some products that I use on myself and clients that have great coverage and lasting power just like the more expensive brands.



Anxiety At its Realest

This is Us is one of my newest favorite shows.  If you haven’t seen it you have to go check it out!  It comes on on Tuesday nights on NBC.  I’m #teamnocable so I catch it on Hulu.  This is season 1 so it’s a great show to binge watch to get caught up.


The most recent episode resonated so much with me.  Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall, is a perfectionist with everything.  He wants to be the best employee, the best father, brother, husband; he wants to be able to solve everything for everyone.  But dealing with his homosexual biological father who he just met (and also moved into his home and is dying of cancer), his mother who lied to him his whole life about said father, his self absorbed brother, and morbidly obese sister who just found love is more than he can handle.  Oh, and he’s the black adopted son in a Caucasian family.  It’s a lot but this show is AMAZING!

The Cast of This is Us


The most recent episode concludes with Randall having a panic attack alone in his office. He makes a phone call probably not even realizing his hands are shaking.  By the end of the scene he’s sitting on the floor (and seems to have been there for hours) and can’t move or talk.  He’s just sitting there staring blankly, in a trans barely able to see,  with tears streaming down his face.  The stress of realizing that his biological father is dying before his very eyes, dealing with a new guy in the office trying to take his spot as top performer, and other family issues is just too much.  It’s like he feels the perfectly built walls are crumbling down on top of him.

That’s how it is in real life.  Sometimes we take on too much or put too much stress on ourselves, not realizing that we’re neglecting ourselves and putting our health at risk.  You may not know that you’re doing too much until it hits you.  Sometimes your body tries to warn you but you ignore it.  I’ve been there.

Randall, it appears, has been dealing with anxiety for quite a while.  He’s extremely smart, like boy genius smart, and has been putting on a facade of perfection almost his whole life.

df0c23ac4e38d3e4_1 Just a little background if you don’t watch the show….. Back in the 70s Rebecca and Jack are pregnant with triplets.  One dies during birth; at the same time a drug addict drops his newborn baby boy off at a fire station and disappears.  While Jack is admiring his 2 healthy babies and mourning the other, he notices this baby who has no parents.  He takes this as a sign and he and Rebecca adopt the baby, only he’s black.  But the 3 kids are raised as triplets:  Randall (the black one), Kevin and Kate.

The show also does flashbacks to when the triplets were growing up.  You’ll see one in the clip (below) with Kevin and Randall.  Pay attention to Kevin’s present day reaction to Randall’s phone call in the end.  He knows something isn’t right with his brother and instead of ignoring it  or listening to Randall who says he’s fine, like a lot of people would, he takes immediate action.  He skips out on his big stage play debut and goes to check on his brother.  Everyone who has ever experience something like this needs a Kevin in their life, because it could be a matter of life or death in some cases.

 Click here to see the full clip of Randall having a panic attack.


















Instagram Makeup is Not Real Life

I always talk to girls who say they want to be able to do their makeup like Instagram models or Youtubers.  There’s nothing wrong with that but a lot of people don’t realize that people on camera apply heavy duty makeup.  I’m talking layers.  When you see it in person it looks like drag queen makeup but on camera it looks amazing.

Here’s one of my favorite Youtubers, Jackie Aina, doing the Instagram makeup challenge.  Basically Youtube Beauty Gurus are doing “regular” makeup on one side of their face and Instagram makeup on the other side so you can see what a big difference there is.  I love Jackie Aina; her personality is amazing and she’s hilarious.

Here’s another good one….

I appreciate a woman’s beauty, both with and without makeup, and to do Instagram makeup takes a lot of skill.  But it’s not real life.  Just like people always posting nothing but happy go lucky pictures isn’t real life.

Personally I don’t even wear makeup every day.  I used to.  Now, I wear it 0-2 times a week, depending on what I’m doing.  When I did it would be a happy medium between Instagram makeup and “regular” makeup because I like to showcase my artistry when I do wear makeup.

What do you guys think about Instagram makeup?  Too much?  Or just right?

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Review of New Becca Cosmetics Products

Today is #BECCAFixesBadFaceDay!  Check out my Instagram using that hashtag.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I am now an Influenster blogger.  If you want to know more about what Influenster is click here to read that post.

I received these products complimentary to test out and review.  I was so excited when I saw this box in my mailbox!  Becca Cosmetics is a high end expensive brand of makeup.  I don’t discriminate.  I have low end and high end makeup in my collection for personal use and what I use on my clients.  I have heard great things about a lot of their products; I just never purchased any of them.closed-becca-voxbox

I knew I was getting 3 products and one of them was a makeup brush but I didn’t know what the products were.


What they sent me were the Soft Kabuki Brush, Soft Light Blurring Powder in the color Golden Hour (only comes in 1 color), and First Light Priming Filter Instant Complexion Refresh.


I’m always a skeptic of new things but I knew I had to go into this open-minded.  It was hard after I took a look at the powder and swatched it on my hand.  A lot of brands don’t always cater many products to women of color so I immediately wasn’t thrilled.  After I saw it on my hand I didn’t even want to put it on my face but I knew I had to.


My First Impression

Since I have oily skin and sweat a lot I have to go heavier than some on the powder.  I learned quickly that I can’t do that with this powder.  So the first time I put it on I used way too much.  I have to use this with a super light hand.

The primer is a lavender color.  When it comes to color correcting and makeup lavender is used for dull looking skin.  I don’t really have that problem so I felt kinda “meh” about the primer at first glance.

I just thought the brush was ok.  I like dense brushes to apply my powder, but it was very soft and felt good.

Using the Products

I love primers.  They help prep the skin for makeup and becca-primer-on-handhelp it to last all day with no creasing or settling into fine lines.  This primer is water based and is super light on the skin.  It does have a purple tint but the color doesn’t transfer to the face.  Once applied it’s clear.  The description on Becca’s web site says its a “skin awakening primer that instantly erases the sings of a bad face day to leave the complexion fresh, awake, and hydrated.”

This is a good description.  I don’t necessarily have lackluster skin but it did give me a “bright” look, even after I applied my foundation.

After foundation I used the Kabuki brush and Soft Light Blurring Powder to set my makeup.  Like I said earlier the first time I used way too much…..I didn’t even take a picture.  It was a train wreck.  But when I tried again using a lot less product I was surprised that I actually liked the look.  Normally I go for a super matte look since my skin is so oily but lately I’ve been more into a natural luminous look, which is exactly what I got with this powder.  I didn’t even need to highlight my face.  The powder gave me a radiant glow from within look.


Final Thoughts

I like these products a lot more than I thought I would when I first saw them.  After some trial and error I figured out how they work best for my skin tone and type. I do wish the powder came in different colors.  I am extremely pleased with the glow it gave my skin.  In the picture above I didn’t use a filter of any kind; it’s just a regular selfie taken with my Galaxy Note 4.  I think my skin looks very healthy and luminous.

I will continue to use these products and would recommend to others who are looking for glow skin.