3 Tips for Dewy Skin in the Winter

The colder weather is here and my skin can definitely tell.  With the change of weather be sure to also change your skin care to reflect what your skin needs.  Here’s a list to help you out:


Don’t forget to keep exfoliating in the fall and winter.  It gets rid of those dead
skin cells and helps your skin absorb moisturizers and serums better, keeping skin soft and supple.  This goes for all over body and face.  Exfoliating helps get rid of any dry patches you may have.
exfoliating sponge
Also don’t forget under your lips, arms, hands, and feet, which are areas people tend to neglect since they’re not exposed as much.

Moisturize appropriately

In the winter after I shower I like to spray myself with rosewater spray after I dry off.
Then I add  a few drops of Shea Moisture’s Black Jamaican castor oil to the Soap & Glory Righteous Body Butter I normally use.  The rosewater helps to hydrate and refresh the skin and the castor oil adds extreme moisture.  I love it. When I wake up in the morning my skin is baby soft and still well moisturized.
In the colder months you can opt for a heavier moisturizer if your skin needs it.  Most have issues with dehydrated skin.  I have combination oily skin but at night I use a heavier moisturizer on my face and body to make sure my skin gets the moisture it needs.
And don’t forget those cuticles!  My cuticles get so dry in the winter I have to oil them every day.  That sounds like a lot but I have a bottle of vitamin E oil on my desk at work, which reminds me to oil them.  The Jamaican Black Castor Oil also works well on cuticles.  Or you can use coconut oil, grape seed oil, or whatever cooking oil you use.
Wearing gloves or socks right after exfoliating and moisturizing helps to lock in that moisture and make your hands/feet softer long term.

Don’t forget sunscreen.

This is a big one.  People think that since it’s not summer and the sun isn’t beaming down on you that you don’t need to use a sunscreen.  NOT TRUE!  Sunscreen actually protects the skin from UV radiation.
Even when it’s cloudy outside about 40% of the sun’s UV radiation reaches the earth.  Sunscreen also protects against harsh winds, which dry skin out and in the long term can lead to wrinkles and skin aging faster.  So wearing sunscreen now will save your future skin.
Remember, what you do or don’t do to your skin now may not affect you now. But in about 10-20 years how you take care of your skin now will be written all over your face.

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