Is Department Store Skincare Worth the Money?

I worked at Macy’s, a major department store, for about a year. I’ve also worked with 3 large retail skin care brands that also sell makeup.
It’s not a secret that department store makeup and skin care are very expensive. Usually you get what you pay for, but when it comes to buying skin care from a department store is that true?
My answer is no. I think those products are way overpriced. There are a few good products within each brand but overall the price of items, in my opinion, are not worth it. I have examined several products by reading ingredient lists and you’d be surprised what’s in some of those products.
The most popular product for a brand I worked for had an ingredient that is an official skin irritant as one of the main ingredients.  It was like number 3 on the ingredient list.   That’s why I always tell people to look at ingredients lists.  You don’t have to be an expert; just Google the top 5 ingredients in a product.  You’ll be able to tell whether or not its good for skin.
I tried the product to see what the big hoopla was and it made my skin soft but honestly most products can make skin soft. As far as doing what it claimed (it was an anti-aging product) I wasn’t drinking the kool-aid.
The difference between good and mediocre skin care is not the price, it’s the quality of the product.  Department store skin care products just sit on top of the skin whereas good and/or professional products penetrate the skin which is what corrects issues like wrinkles, firming, and clearing dark spots long term.
I’ve heard a lot of customers complain that a product works while they use it but when they stop the issue comes right back……that means it doesn’t truly work.  If a product clears up and issue it shouldn’t return once you stop using that product.  That’s how they keep customers coming back.  And the sales people in the department store will tell you what they need to in order to make a sale.  I used to be one of those people.
Hope you enjoyed today’s post……stay tuned for part 2!


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