There’s Nothing Wrong With Me & I’m Not Gay!

So this is my first “lifestyle” post.  It’s my way of keeping a diary of sorts on my thoughts and experiences.

So I’m 32, single with no kids or pets.  And I actually like it that way.  I do want these things one day but for now I truly am happy and that surprises me.  When I was younger I thought I would be married by 25 or 26 and have kids before 30……but that was what my mother did.  There’s nothing wrong with that but because that was the life she lived I always assumed the same would be for me.  Not so.

In my mid to late 20s I had the quarter life crisis about my career and personal life.  My focus was more on finding that dream job and the perfect man.  Neither one happened and at first I was bitter.  Now I realize that I was nowhere near ready. I am so glad that was just a phase and I didn’t just marry someone for the sake of being married.

Right before turning 30 is when I started thinking more like a mature adult.  I accepted the mistakes I made instead of beating myself up about them and focused on just being happy.

People are always quick to ask if I’m gay or if something is wrong with me because I’m single.    First of all, I have had relationships that didn’t work out, but why can’t I just be happy being single?  With all the cheating, divorces, annulments, and unhappy marriages I’ve witnessed I’d much rather wait until I find the right person instead of being with Mr. Right Now.

Those same people always try to use being single as an insult…..not even close.  My bed is to-do-listnever cold; it’s filled with my laptop, to do lists, goals, and books that will help make me a better person…..literally.  I’m never lonely because my life is filled with friends and family members who love and care about me.

I don’t even want a boyfriend.  I’ve met a few guys in the past few months and every time I give my number to someone and they call me, I’m very uninterested in answering the phone and returning text messages.  If I feel like it I’ll answer a text but my patience is so thin they usually say something dumb that causes me to just stop responding within about a week.

Right now my focus is paying off my credit cards, expanding my dream into a career, redecorating my house and just having fun with good people.

I know this won’t last forever. Like I said I do want to get married one day but right now I am single, sane and loving every minute of it.

Has anyone else had to deal with crazy people in your business for being single?  Let me know!  And don’t forget to comment and share this post!

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