Confessions of a Cosmetics Girl

I always thought it was funny when people thought working in cosmetics was a glamorous job.  Very little of the job is glamorous.  Don’t forget working in cosmetics is still a retail job.  For anyone who has ever worked in retail you know what that includes:  angry/nasty customers, unloading shipments of products, inventory, working on holidays, standing on your feet, and being over worked and under paid.  The difference with cosmetics is that you’re supposed to do all of this while looking flawless with a perfectly beat face and gorgeous skin with a smile on your face… was exhausting.
I worked in cosmetics “part time” while I attended esthetics school.  The reason that’s in quotes is because I was labeled and paid as a part time associate but I worked full time hours.  At the time I couldn’t be too picky because the store I worked at was very flexible in working around my school schedule.  Monday through Friday I was in class from 8am-12pm.  I’d change clothes at school, eat in the car, and go straight to work from 12:30 or 1pm until whenever.  I was usually off by 9pm or 10pm but during the holidays I was there until after midnight.  Of course when shopping for makeup women are usually excited and don’t think about the person actually selling the products but most women I’ve worked with in cosmetics had a similar schedule to mine with very little time and patience.
Cosmetics is also a sales job.  The more you sell the more you make from commission.  This usually is what can turn a super sweet and pretty cosmetics girl into a money hungry bitch if you mess with her.  Let me explain.  In sales there is always someone trying to steal your customer (i.e. steal your sale, i.e. steal your money).  I’ve had other sales people take products out of my hand in front of a customer to get the sale.  That’s the first time I flipped my shit and was ready to whoop ass at work.
I kept it classy in front of the customer but cursed that associate the hell out as soon as I got the chance.
Needless to say there is a lot that can go on behind the scenes in the cosmetics department.  So behind those pretty faces is usually a lot of stress and pressure.  The customers never really helped make the job easier either.  Here are a few things that really made the job unbearable at times.

1.  Customers who want a free makeover.

This is something that was done back in the day.  Today, nothing is free.
Yes we make an hourly rate but it’s not a whole lot so we rely on commission.  The rule at the counter where I worked was that the customer had to purchase at least 2 items so I could make at least some commission to make it worth my while.  What I found was smart ass customers would buy the cheapest 2 products so I still wouldn’t make any commission.  So I implemented my own rules….depending on the day I would set a dollar amount that the customer would have to spend.  That amount really depended on my mood, how much I had sold for the day, and what my goal was (Yes, in cosmetics we are given daily, weekly and monthly sales goals.).  Sometimes the amount was $50 and sometimes it was $100.  Don’t get me wrong I love doing makeup but I also love making money.

2.  Needy customers.

These people never know what they want and that’s ok.  But when you take up so much of my time being indecisive and then don’t get anything or disregard everything you asked me I get annoyed.
Good example, I tried to avoid lipstick customers.  So many women would come in claiming they wanted a new lip color because they’ve been wearing the same one for 10 years.  Usually these women are close to my mom’s age, between late 40s into her 50s.  T hey look at and try on at least 20 colors only to repurchase the same color they claim to be tired of.  Now, I can be indecisive too but every time someone touches a lipstick we’re supposed to sanitize it.  That’s a lot of work for nothing.  And the commission from a lipstick sale would be about $.35.

3.  Cheap customers.

I understand being on a budget, but department store cosmetics have ALWAYS been more expensive than products at the drug store.  That’s just the way it is.  Women would get so offended and upset at the cost of certain items.  It’s not my fault that mascara is damn near $20 and foundation is at least $30.  And don’t get me started on skin care customers.  They want a miracle in a jar for under $20….yearh right.

4.  The “I’ll just go to Belk” customers.

 When people don’t get their way they would always threaten to go to another department store.My response was always “OK.” Those are the customers that don’t spend much money so I’d rather them leave me alone and get out of my face rather than deal with the attitude and make $.50 commission, if that.  Good bye!
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3 Reasons You Need Vitamin C in Your Life

Vitamin C is not only one of my favorite products, it’s an awesome product to use around this time of year when everything is transitioning….the weather, your wardrobe, and your skin. When the weather gets cooler your skin needs an extra boost because its easier and more likely to get dehydrated if you don’t take the right steps.  Vitamin C is easy to find in products and is found in citrus fruits and vegetables.  Smokers need twice as much Vitamin C because smoking depletes it in the body.
But here are a few reasons why I love it!

1.  Anti-aging properties

Most don’t know that Vitamin C helps with anti-aging properties because it promotes the production of collagen and helps to firm skin.  It is also needed so skin and tissues can properly heal themselves.

2.  Fades dark spots

When used in serums Vitamin C helps to lighten sun and acne spots over time.  With continued use dark spots can fade and even go away.  The key is consistency.  If dark spots are an issue for you using a Vitamin C serum every day will help, in addition to exfoliating and cleansing on a regular basis.
For some reason back in 2014 I was experiencing breakouts on my cheeks.  I started using a Vitamin C serum, getting more Vitamin C facials and within a couple of months those spots have disappeared.
Getting a professional Vitamin C facial at least once every few months could also help.  The difference in professional and over the counter products is amazing.  There’s an instant glow but the few days after your skin will literally have a noticeable glow.

3.  Gives a glow

This is the reason I love Vitamin C for the cooler months.  Applying it topically in the form of a serum and/or cream will give your skin a natural glow.  No need for extra makeup or highlighter because a Vitamin C serum will take care of that for you.
Regardless of your skin type having a natural glow with clear skin is a sign of healthy skin.  Especially since the weather is cooler try out a vitamin C serum, cream, or mask and let me know what you think.
What vitamin C products have you tried?


Is Department Store Skincare Worth the Money?

I worked at Macy’s, a major department store, for about a year. I’ve also worked with 3 large retail skin care brands that also sell makeup.
It’s not a secret that department store makeup and skin care are very expensive. Usually you get what you pay for, but when it comes to buying skin care from a department store is that true?
My answer is no. I think those products are way overpriced. There are a few good products within each brand but overall the price of items, in my opinion, are not worth it. I have examined several products by reading ingredient lists and you’d be surprised what’s in some of those products.
The most popular product for a brand I worked for had an ingredient that is an official skin irritant as one of the main ingredients.  It was like number 3 on the ingredient list.   That’s why I always tell people to look at ingredients lists.  You don’t have to be an expert; just Google the top 5 ingredients in a product.  You’ll be able to tell whether or not its good for skin.
I tried the product to see what the big hoopla was and it made my skin soft but honestly most products can make skin soft. As far as doing what it claimed (it was an anti-aging product) I wasn’t drinking the kool-aid.
The difference between good and mediocre skin care is not the price, it’s the quality of the product.  Department store skin care products just sit on top of the skin whereas good and/or professional products penetrate the skin which is what corrects issues like wrinkles, firming, and clearing dark spots long term.
I’ve heard a lot of customers complain that a product works while they use it but when they stop the issue comes right back……that means it doesn’t truly work.  If a product clears up and issue it shouldn’t return once you stop using that product.  That’s how they keep customers coming back.  And the sales people in the department store will tell you what they need to in order to make a sale.  I used to be one of those people.
Hope you enjoyed today’s post……stay tuned for part 2!


5 Things I’ve Done to My Skin that I’m NOT Proud Of

So we all have busy lives.  I know I do.  I have a full time job, a full time passion, I driver for Uber, volunteer with my church, spend time with friends and family and the list goes on and on.  There are just some days where I either feel don’t have time or honestly just don’t feel like going through an elaborate skin care routine.  My normal morning routine is to cleanse my skin, tone, use 2 serums and moisturize.  At night I get more involved and may use an extra serum or a retinol.  1-2 times a week a do a facial mask and I try to do a facial every 2-4 weeks, depending on how my skin is behaving.
BUT…..there are those days or nights when that’s just not possible.  For me, if I go off my normal routine most of the time it’s because I’ve gone out and get home late.  I’ve started keeping my makeup wipes under my pillow so they’re easily accessible.  But keeping it real, if I’m drunk and tired I’m just going to sleep.  So here’s what I’ve done to my skin that I am not proud of.  Don’t judge me.

 1.  Slept in my makeup

Everyone knows better than to sleep in their makeup, but I’ve had nights where I was just so exhausted and/or drunk that I just needed to get in the bed and go to sleep.  I can think of a few nights where I just plopped down on my couch when I got home and slept in everything except for my shoes.  It’s really bad when I sleep in my makeup but you know I’m out of it when I sleep in my bra.  I HATE wearing a bra.
Anywhoo, most of the time the day after I sleep in my makeup as soon as I get up I cleanse my face.  My ex-boyfriend used to bring me a makeup wipe if I fell asleep in bed because I would get a “mountain” on my face…..and he was right.  If I didn’t tend to my skin the day after a blemish or mountain as he called it, would be soon to follow.

2.  I actually kept makeup on after sleeping in it

Now this is just GROSS!  I’m not proud of it but before I was an esthetician I remember having a long night on a Saturday and I wanted to get up and go to church the next day. I over slept so I had very limited time to get ready.  The way I do my makeup, it has a lot of staying power, so it actually still looked decent.  I just put some powder on top of my gross, dirty, face that was full of makeup and that was that.
Now, I would never do that.  I’ve woken up in the middle of the night just to take off my makeup.  I am pretty blemish prone if my skin doesn’t get the tlc that it needs so I make a lot of effort to prevent blemishes.

3.  Working out in my makeup

 I’ve never been someone who loved to or was always dedicated to working out.  I’ve gone through phases though.  At one point I would work out on my lunch break at work, shower, and return to work.  Since I did have to go back to work I would just work out in my makeup.  I would have to be careful not to touch my face while working out, which was not easy because I sweat like a mule.  But after work I would go home and properly cleanse my face with a good regimen of products.
Now, I wouldn’t just choose to work out in my makeup but in that case it was what I had to do to get a workout in during my day.  And I’d actually do it again if I had to.  It’s not ideal but not horrible IF you cleanse your face the right way as soon as you can.

4.  Ate too much sugar & not enough water

Remember the skin is the largest organ of the body so you have to give it what it needs. Dehydrated skin is uncomfortable, flakey, and can be a direct result of a bad diet.  You are what you eat so fruits, veggies and water help keep skin healthy with a nice healthy glow.

5.  Not using sunscreen

If I don’t put on my sunscreen it’s always because I forget.  Now, I keep an overnight bag in my car.  In it is a bottle of sunscreen so if I forget I’ll have some handy.  Even though I have all this chocolate melanin naturally I still need to protect myself from the sun.


Micellar Water: A Lazy Girl’s Best Friend

Micellar water is a product that has become very popular within the past year or so.  It’s nothing new; brands Lancome and Bioderma have had a cleansing water for several years.  Now drug store brands have come out with more affordable options so this product has gotten a lot of attention.
If you’re not familiar, micellar water is a cleansing liquid;  it’s soft water that contains micelles which are cleansing oil molecules.   It’s great to take on the go and use before or after the gym, at the beach, or if you’re somewhere and not able to use the restroom.
I use micellar water as a makeup remover.  It works great to take off mascara, long lasting foundation, and matte lipsticks.  I do not use it as a cleanser.  I’ll use it to remove my makeup first, then cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face.
If you haven’t worn makeup for the day and need to cleanse your skin, are exhausted, or just having a lazy moment (we all have them) then using a micellar water as a cleanser would be better than not using anything.  Just pour a little on a cotton pad and swipe across your face.  Easy, right?!?!?
 However, if you wear makeup, using miceallar water alone is not going to cleanse your skin the way it needs to be.
I use the Garnier Micellar Water and I love it.  It’s about $7 at Walmart and a little goes a long way so the 13.5 oz bottle can last for quite a while.  The one with the pink top is the regular formula which has the consistency of water.  There is one with a blue top, which is for waterproof makeup and is more oil based.
The Simple brand also has an affordable Micellar Water.  I’ve tried it and I’m not a fan. It felt like I was using just regular water.  And the Garnier is a better value.  Simple is 6.7oz for $5.39 at Walmart.  They also sell the micellar makeup remover wipes for the same price.
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There’s Nothing Wrong With Me & I’m Not Gay!

So this is my first “lifestyle” post.  It’s my way of keeping a diary of sorts on my thoughts and experiences.

So I’m 32, single with no kids or pets.  And I actually like it that way.  I do want these things one day but for now I truly am happy and that surprises me.  When I was younger I thought I would be married by 25 or 26 and have kids before 30……but that was what my mother did.  There’s nothing wrong with that but because that was the life she lived I always assumed the same would be for me.  Not so.

In my mid to late 20s I had the quarter life crisis about my career and personal life.  My focus was more on finding that dream job and the perfect man.  Neither one happened and at first I was bitter.  Now I realize that I was nowhere near ready. I am so glad that was just a phase and I didn’t just marry someone for the sake of being married.

Right before turning 30 is when I started thinking more like a mature adult.  I accepted the mistakes I made instead of beating myself up about them and focused on just being happy.

People are always quick to ask if I’m gay or if something is wrong with me because I’m single.    First of all, I have had relationships that didn’t work out, but why can’t I just be happy being single?  With all the cheating, divorces, annulments, and unhappy marriages I’ve witnessed I’d much rather wait until I find the right person instead of being with Mr. Right Now.

Those same people always try to use being single as an insult…..not even close.  My bed is to-do-listnever cold; it’s filled with my laptop, to do lists, goals, and books that will help make me a better person…..literally.  I’m never lonely because my life is filled with friends and family members who love and care about me.

I don’t even want a boyfriend.  I’ve met a few guys in the past few months and every time I give my number to someone and they call me, I’m very uninterested in answering the phone and returning text messages.  If I feel like it I’ll answer a text but my patience is so thin they usually say something dumb that causes me to just stop responding within about a week.

Right now my focus is paying off my credit cards, expanding my dream into a career, redecorating my house and just having fun with good people.

I know this won’t last forever. Like I said I do want to get married one day but right now I am single, sane and loving every minute of it.

Has anyone else had to deal with crazy people in your business for being single?  Let me know!  And don’t forget to comment and share this post!