Mixing Exfoliators…..DON’T!!!!

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I am always super conscious of what medications I take and what should and shouldn’t be taken.  I go to drugs.com and make sure medications, whether prescription or over the counter, are ok to mix with other medicine I take.

The same needs to be done with your skin care products.  If you think about it, those imagesproducts are medicine for your skin so you don’t want to mix the wrong group of products together because you could have a bad reaction.  I can’t tell you all of the products you shouldn’t mix together but I have come up with some common ingredients found in over the counter and professional products that should not be used at the same time or in close proximity of one another.

Mixing exfoliators is the most common issue I get asked about from clients.  Products come with directions on how to use them but unfortunately they don’t come with warnings of how not to use those products.  Mixing exfoliators can cause your skin to become irritated, red, flaky, etc.  I have a client who was using both a retinol and an exfoliating cleanser every day and her face started to peel so bad.  It was red and got very sensitive.1359551728-18935700

Exfoliators should not be mixed with one another.  For example, retinol is an exfoliator.  So are AHAs. (For more info on AHAs see my previous post:  Acne Fighters!).  So a product that has retst-ives-apricot-scrubinol shouldn’t be used in the same day as a product with AHAs because that’s double exfoliation which could irritate your skin.  As a matter of fact, you should wait 3-4 days (depending on your sensitivity level) in between using different exfoliators.

That’s why it’s so important to read ingredient labels and be familiar with what you’re putting in and on your body.

There are also tools that exfoliate; the most common is the Clarisonic.  You can also
exfoliate with manual brushes and sponges.  Since these tools exfoliate your skin there is no need to use it with an exfoliating cleanser or mask.  Again….that’s double exfoliation.

So if you plan on using an exfoliating cleanser or mask, you don’t need to use your sponge or Clarisonic.


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