Watch your beauty professional!

As an esthetician and make up artist, sanitation is the most important thing.  The same goes for cosmetologists, nail techs, and any other beauty professional.

I am such a germ-o-phobe and always have been.  Anything that touches me needs to be clean.  Like most females when I was in middle school I started getting my nails and toes done.  Since then I have witnessed some of the most unsanitary practices ever.  I’ve even had to call out a few people for trying to use an unsanitary tool on me.

Every licensed beauty professional has had to be tested by the state board of cosmetology.  The main thing that’s always stressed in sanitation.  So here are a few things to keep an eye out for when you visit your hair stylist, esthetician, nail tech, or makeup artist:

Waxing Body Parts

double dippingWhen it comes to waxing make sure you watch the person and make sure they don’t “double dip.”  It’s the same concept as double dipping a chicken nugget into the honey mustard.  When being waxed the same stick (or same part of the stick) should not be dipped in the wax more than once.  So either a different stick can be used for use strip or each end of the stick can be used once.  This prevents your (and other people who’ve used the same wax) bacteria from contaminating the wax.  You don’t want other people’s bacteria and hair mixed in with your wax, do you?

Paraffin Wax
This picture to the right is a NO NO!parrafin foot bath

Paraffin is a type of wax but they are very popular at nail salons.  It makes the skin very
soft but a lof of the time it is not used the way its supposed to be.  I’ve seen people get a paraffin treatment and the nail tech will dip that person’s foot into the foot bath full of paraffin wax.  That would be ok if everyone used a different foot bath, but they’re not.  I’ve even seen nail techs dip a foot in the foot bath full of paraffin wax, then put the plastic bag on the feet.  That is backwards.  The foot should be in the bag first, then the wax should be poured in.foot in a bag

So imagine how many feet have been dipped in there before yours.  And if they are that unsanitary imagine how many feet get dipped before the foot bath is cleaned out and sanitized.

The way it’s supposed to work

If you’re getting a paraffin treatment that body party (usually the hands or feet) should be immersed into a plastic bag with the paraffin in it.  The bag is disposable and is only used once and everyone gets nice clean wax.

Just make sure anything that comes in contact with you skin has been cleaned.  When I go get a pedicure I make sure I see the foot bath being cleaned.  Sometimes salons can get busy and people try to take short cuts but sanitation is not the area to take a short cut.  Look out for your health and hold the professional accountable!

Disclaimer:  I know not all nail salons have the same practices.  I’m just giving a list of things to look out for.

Have you ever had a dirty tool be used on you?  Or had someone try?  Leave me a comment below!

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