Clinique vs. Equate Beauty

I’m not sure if many of you know, but I have worked for Clinique.  I worked at the counter in Macy’s for about a year.  With that being said I know which products work well and which aren’t worth the

Clinique is one of those brands that most people have tried at least once in their life.  I used the 3-step system for a while when I was in college.  It worked ok at the time.  It kept my face clean but didn’t correct anything.  Back then I didn’t wear much makeup and didn’t really need much correcting.  I didn’t like, and still don’t, like the dramatically different moisturizer (the  yellow one).  That’s probably one of the most popular products but me no likey.

Anywhoo, any time I go in Walmart I have to go in the cosmetics section to see what’s new.  I ended up at a Walmart I don’t usually go to and stumbled on some interesting products.  Equate is the Walmart brand.  Their beauty brand, Equate Beauty, has their own version of Clinique products.  They have the 3-step system, a couple of serums (which is good because its hard to find affordable serums), and mositurizers.

whole line

The prices are much better than Clinique, with most products being 1/3 of the cost of Clinique products.  Moisture Surge is probably my favorite Clinique product.  I wanted to see how the generic version compared…..I love me a generic product as long as it works like the real thing. So I purchased the Moisture Wave, Equate Beauty’s version.

moisture surge and moisture wave

For the past 2 weeks I tried out the Moisture Wave, Equate Beauty’s version of Clinique’s Moisture Surge.  Above are pictures of both products and their ingredient list because y’all know I love reading ingredients.  Sometimes with generics it’s an exact replica of the original but that’s not the case with these products.

Clinique’s Moisture Surge is an awesome product.  It’s super lightweight and is good for all skin types.  It doesn’t correct anything but provides weightless moisture.  And a little goes a very long way.  The 1.7 oz jar shown in the picture can last me 3-5 months.

Equate Beauty’s version is a super close dupe (short for duplicate).  It’s lightweight but not as light as Moisture Surge.  I’m super nit-picky and am very familiar with Clinique since I’ve worked for them.  Most people wouldn’t notice a big difference. But honestly the Walmart version is worth it.  The cost is $12.83 where the Clinique version is $39 for the same size jar (1.7 oz).

If you like the Clinique product or have ever wanted to give it a try I say give Walmart’s version a try.  Unfortunately the line isn’t sold at all Walmart stores but it is sold online.  You can use the Walmart app to see if it’s carried in your specific store.

Let me know if you try any other products from Equate Beauty!  I thought about comparing other products.  Would you guys be interested in other posts like this?  I may compare other products in this line.  Let me know!

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