Cleansing Tips that Can Save You Money!


Having a skin care regimen can become expensive.  It definitely is worth it and I am a believer in treating yourself BUT if you are short on funds there are a few things you can do to stretch your skin care.

Using food

There are so many benefits of using fruits and vegetables that you may already have


stocked in your kitchen.  Fruit juices like lemon and orange provide natural brightening
and Vitamin C benefits.  They also help lighten dark spots over time.  Things like pumpkin and honey are also good for your skin.  Pumpkin is a natural exfoliant and honey helps to fight acne and is a good anti-oxidant.


Manual exfoliators have granolas in them that slough off the
dead skin.  Sugar can do the same thing!  Add a little sugar to the cleanser you already use 1-2 times a week and there’s the screen-shot-2013-05-16-at-9-10-43-amexfoliation you need!


You can add some lemon juice to a cleanser or exfoliator if you have some sun spots or dark spots images-2you want to fade.


Tea Tree Oil

I love tea tree oil.  I always keep a bottle in my bathroom.  When used you don’t need much.  My 2 oz bottle has lasted me at least 2 years, and the bottle is only half gone.  You can find it at any store that sells vitamins.  I got mine from Walmart; they’re usually mixed in with the vitamins.


Tea tree oil is an antiseptic and can treat acne so I use it a couple of different ways.  Sometimes I use a dropper to add it to my cleanser to prevent acne.  Since I have combination oily skin I’m more suceptible to acne.

If I do get a blemish I dip a q-tip in the oil and cover the blemish, which makes it a spot treatment.  Since its an antiseptic so you can also use it to clean cuts and bruises.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post.  Let me know if you try using any of these ideas!



Help Your Skin Transition into Spring

Hey guys!!!  It’s been quite a while; things have been super hectic lately but I’m back to my normal posting schedule of at least 1 post per week.  Some weeks there will be 2.

But on to today’s topic!

images-4Spring is here but your skin may still be getting over the winter weather.  Make sure you exfoliate to get rid of any dryness (remember, exfoliating helps your moisturizer penetrate better).

The weather has been a little odd lately.  The week before spring started was hot.  Here in Charlotte reached the 80s.  On the first day of spring it was surprisingly cold, and now it’s warming up again.  Your skin knows the weather is changing and reacts.


In warmer weather your body produces more sweat and oil, which increase the risk of getting blemishes and acne.  Using a cleanser with salicylic acid or tea tree oil will help dry up the oil.

Cleansing twice a day is always important so make sure you keep that up in the spring.  When you sweat your body is releasing toxins.  That on top of the dirt, dust, and pollution that’s already in the air is a recipe for bacteria, break outs, and unhealthy skin.  Cleansing your face at night should be made priority to get rid of all that gunk.

Getting a professional facial treatment should be considered too.  Seeing a professional can give you tips that are specifically customized to your needs.  Here are some general tips:

Oily/combination skin

For my oily or combination skin folks you can implement a mattifying product, like a daily moisturizer.  I’ve used both Murad’s and Image’s mattifying moisturizers.  The price point is about the same; Murad is easier to get your hands on.  It’s sold at Ulta.  Using a mask once a week will help lessen oil production too. clay-mask-girl

And make sure you avoid products with oil.  Look for “oil-free” on the label.

Some people think not using a moisturizer in the warmer months solves the problem of producing oil.  WRONG! Your skin needs moisture.  There’s nothing wrong with moisture.  Oil is what you want to avoid.  Depriving your skin of moisture makes your skin think you’re starving it and it causes more oil production.

Normal/dry skin

People with dry skin usually appreciate the warmer weather.  Skin is less likely to crack or flake.  Exfoliate regularly to get rid of any dry patches.  Using a good moisturizer right after exfoliating will help undernourished skin.


You can use a lighter moisturizer than you used in the winter.  Still make sure you use one with at least 30 SPF during the day. If you’re really dry you can use a heavier option at night.

Regardless of the season you need to pamper your skin.  When the seasons change your products may need to as well.  I always suggest buying travel size or kits if you’re trying out a new product.

Send me your questions and skin care issues and I’ll make some recommendations.