Product Spotlight – Drying Lotion

I love a good spot treatment.  Since the weather has been changing my skin has been going through the normal changes that happen when it gets cold.  Once I discovered Mario Bedescu's Drying Lotion I was in love.  It helps treat whiteheads overnight according to the directions.  I get cystic acne, which is the hardest to … Continue reading Product Spotlight – Drying Lotion

Dermatologist vs. Esthetician

A lot of people always ask me if they should see a dermatologist or continue seeing an esthetician.  My answer is always "it depends." Dermatologists are medical professionals who diagnose and treat skin disorders and diseases like eczema or skin cancer.  They can write prescriptions for medications needed to help treat these diseases.  Estheticans are … Continue reading Dermatologist vs. Esthetician