Invest in your skincare

We all have used Clean & Clear, Clearasil, and I know I used to slather Noxzema all over my face back in middle school.  But that was back in grade school and maybe even college.  Just like your style, your attitude, and pockets mature so should your skin care.  You don’t have to break the bank, but invest a little more into your skin.  Think of it as your wardrobe.  We’ve all bought items from stores like Wet Seal, Rainbow (yes, I admit I used to love Rainbow…lol), and even Payless.  Don’t get me wrong….there are some good affordable drugstore products.  But you’ve stepped up your game from those stores so let’s step up your skin care as well.  Today I’ll be talking about affordable skin care brands that will upgrade your regimen.

Mario Badescu

This brand is sold online and at Ulta.  It’s reasonably priced and has some awesome products for different skin types ranging from acne to anti-aging.  I really like the fact that the line offers starter kits for people to try out smaller products  before committing to spending more money on the full size bottles.  And these kits come with what you need in a regimen so it takes the guess work out for you.  Here are the kits they offer: 

mb kit4        MB kit1      mbkit3     mb kit 2

So basically you get to choose you pick based on what your needs are.  These retail for $30 each at Ulta, which is a very good price, considering some products at the department store are double that for 1/4 of the product.  These kits should be able to last at least 45-60 days.


Murad is a little more pricey but the products make it well worth the money.  I’ve used them myself.  What I like about this brand is that the founder, Dr. Murad, is a dermatologist and pharmacist.  That says a lot because he knows skin, skin conditions and diseases, and ingredients that help combat those things.  You can also purchase this brand at Ulta or a Massage Envy.  Kits are also available.  Murad is good for customers who may not know in what order to use their products.  Remember, you apply products thinnest to thickest.  But he numbers his products to let you know when to use what.oil control mattifier
Murad age reform kit


Here is the age reform (anti-aging) kit they offer (pictured left).  This should last about a month to a month and a half and retails for $45.  But my all time favorite products from this brand are  clarifying mask and oil control mattifier (pictured right).  Those products help with my oily skin.  Without them I look like a grease monkey by lunch time but they help keep my skin matte by absorbing the extra oil I naturally produce.



PCA is an awesome professional brand that I use on a very regular basis.  All products can be purchased by anyone in what they call a solution set, basically a set of trial sized products, based on skin type and skin concern.  These products can be purchased from day spas and online at

pca solution setThese sets range in price from $53-$106 so its definitely the priciest line on the list.  But they are professional products and yield results.  Their web site offers a lot, including online and phone consultations with licensed estheticians.  You can ask questions about their products and get recommendations.  The site also features before and after pictures of people who have actually used their products.


I’m not saying all drugstore products don’t work but when you start using professional brands the ingredients are more active, which produce results.  I do have a few drugstore skincare items I use.  Keep an eye out for some upcoming product spotlights.

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