Pay Attention: ANTI-Aging

It’s so funny to me that most of the women I’ve talked to and consulted with feel that anti-aging products aren’t necessary until you get closer to your 40s and 50s.  Not so.  Think about it…..anti means before.  So anti-aging products are meant to help you before you start aging, to help prevent things like age spots, wrinkles, and firmness.  Anti-aging should start in your mid 20s because once you reach 40, guess what?  You’ve already aged!  Trying to get rid of or correct skin issues is a lot harder when  you start in your 40s.

Here are some good anti-aging habits to start now if you already haven’t.

Eye Cream

I’ll admit that before I went to esthetics school I didn’t use an eye cream.  I thought it was pointless.  But there are eye creams that help with certain issues.  There are eye creams for anti-wrinkle, firmness, dark circles, etc.  More importantly eye creams provide hydration to the skin under your eyes.  That skin is very delicate and should be hydrated.  Remember, more hydrated skin always looks youthful.  Dry skin ages faster.  Benefit makes a good eye cream. benefit its potent eye


Normal skin turnover happens every 30 days.  Meaning you generate  new skin cells every 30 days.  The older you get the slower that process occurs, changing to about every 45-60 days.  Exfoliation is a process that uses a product to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, which reveals newer and more youthful skin.  It helps with getting rid of dark spots, helps your products penetrate better, makeup goes on better and smoother, and reveals a brighter complexion.  There are a variety of exfoliators available.  Make sure you read labels.  The label will always tell you how often to use the product.  People with sensitive skin should exfoliate once a week.  If you have oilier skin you can exfoliate 2-3 times a week.  I’m oily so I exfoliate 3 times a week sometimes.

I know everyone has tried the St. Ives Apricot scrub but I suggest trying something different.

Treat (mask and/or serum)

Skin treatments are based on what your skin goals are.  Do you want to be more hydrated?  Do you want to get rid of the dark spots on your face?  Do you want firmness?  Your goal will determine the type of treatment best for your skin.  Personally I do masks and use a serum.

Remember that serums are molecularly smaller than a moisturizer so they penetrate deeper into the skin allowing it to work more efficiently.  It DOES NOT replace your moisturizer but should be used in addition to.

Masks (sometimes spelled masques) are good to detoxify and replenish skin.  Sephora makes a good hydrating sheet mask.Sephora Sheet Masks


There are also masks that help with other skin issues like hydration (for dry skin) or oily/acne skin types.

origins charcoal mask

I like the Origins charcoal mask.  Activated charcoal (not the same kind we use on the grill) is good at drawing out impurities because it absorbs thousands times its own mass.  It helps to purify pores and is a good choice for people who have acne or blackheads.  Its an ingredient used in a lot of masks.  There are other brands that make charcoal masks as well.  I know there are some sold over-the-counter at stores like Walmart and Target.  Clinique has a good one as well.

clinique charcoal mask

I know it sounds like a lot but the older you get you have to invest more into your health and appearance.  Let me know if you guys have questions about any more recommendations!



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    1. Murad has 2 good ones. One is a manual scrub; the other is a chemical one. Also check out the brand Mario Badescu. It’s sold in Ulta. He has 4 or 5 good scrubs to choose from, depending on your skin type and what issues you’re looking to correct.

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