Pay attention to expiration dates!

It’s very important to know when to get rid of both skin care and makeup products.  Using anything past it’s expiration date can cause a variety of issues. I find that especially with makeup women tend to hold on to it until it’s all gone.  For example, with products like powders that come in compacts there is a lot of bacteria that is harbored there over time, especially if you use the sponge that comes with  most compacts.  It is important that if you use the sponge to clean it with antibacterial soap and let it completely dry before putting back in the compact. If you apply makeup with a brush, cleanse the brush the same way after every 3-5 uses.

Using old makeup and/or skin care products could be causing skin irritation, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, and it could cause the product to have an adverse affect on your skin.  So here are a few tips on how to know when to get rid of some of these items…..

expiration symbol
cosmetic expiration symbol

This symbol is known as the cosmetic expiration symbol.  Not all products will have a specific expiration date; that’s because it’s good until you actually open the product.  This symbol lets you know that the product is good for 12 months after it’s opened.  It’s usually found in plain sight on the back or bottom of products.  Different products will have different expirations, just pay attention to the number which lets you know how many months the product is good for.  If you can’t remember when you purchased something try either writing it down somewhere you won’t lose it, write the purchase date actually on the product itself, or set an alert in your phone when it’s time to trash it.

trash that

Here is a good table that outlines when certain products should be thrown out.  Also, if anything starts to turn colors or change consistency that’s a good indication that it’s time for it to be thrown out.  Just remember, especially with makeup, you are reapplying something to your face that isn’t always a freshly washed face, which makes it easy for bacteria to fester.

I’ve had customers tell me that they’re using the same powder compact that they’ve been using for the past 5 years.  First of all, YUCK.   It’s obviously expired and is not working at its full capacity.  Sometimes people tend to think their products aren’t working for them anymore when maybe the issue is actually you’re not taking proper care of it.

Secondly, once a hygiene product (and yes, makeup is a part of hygiene) gets “contaminated” with so much bacteria, all  you’re doing is putting bacteria back on your face every time that product is used.

Think about it like this:   you wouldn’t use the same toothbrush for 5 years, would you?  I hope the answer is no.  So please don’t try to make your products last longer than they should.  We’re all guilty of it but let’s do better!

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