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So in my last post I mentioned what you should not use on your skin as a moisturizer and had a lot of follow up questions regarding what should be used.  Here are some good moisturizers for the cooler weather, in no particular order.

turnaround cream
I am a big fan of Clinique’s turnaround overnight moisturizer.  In the past few months they re-formulated their ingredients and I have to say I’m impressed.  It’s a night time radiance moisturizer so it’s especially good for those who have lackluster looking skin and want a boost of rejuvenation.  Anyone can use it; I have oily skin and love it.  You can purchase at any Clinique counter as well as Sephora.  If you’re near a Sephora I suggest getting a sample to see if you like it before purchasing. Sephora gives samples of EVERYTHING!  🙂

murad hydro dynamicMurad’s Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturizer is an awesome moisturizer for dry dehydrated skin.  The texture is super rich and thick and it’s a part of the anti-aging line of the brand.


cetaphil creamFor those who don’t necessarily need anything special Cetaphil is a decent opticetaphil lotionon.  It’s very affordable and can be found almost anywhere (Walmart, Target, CVS).  Pictured to the left is the moisturizing cream which is good if you need more hydration (dry skin).  Pictured to the right is the moisturizing lotion that provides lightweight hydration for normal or oily skin.

Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar is a good option that gives lightweight hydration.  It contains lactic acid, which helps to gently exfoliate the skin, helping skin turnover and improving skin’s texture over time.  Good for all skin types, but those with oilier skin would especially enjoy this because it doesn’t make your face greasy or shiny.  Also found at Sephora, department stores, and Ulta.

hope in a jar

An oldie but goodie is Estee Lauder’s Daywear.  It’s been around for quite a while but it’s a good day moisturizer with spf 25.  There are 2 versions, one for oily skin and one for dry skin (pictured below).  This option is the priciest of the ones given, but again go grab a sample from Sephora.  Also available at department stores that have Estee Lauder counters.


image prevention moisturizer image matte moisturizerImage is a professional brand used by estheticians in spas but is also available for the public to purchase as well.  It is available online and in certain spas.

Pictured left is the prevention daily hydrating moisturizer that is good for sensitive and dry/dehydrated skin and has spf 30.  To the right is the matte version of the moisturizer, making it good for oily skin.  It has spf of 32, provides all day hydration, and helps to absorb oils produced throughout the day giving you a nice matte finish.  It works great under makeup.

So this is a longer post but I wanted to make sure I cold give suggestions to various skin types for day and night moisturizers.  Let me know if  you guys have any questions.  Feel free to leave a comment or question below.  Hope this info helps!

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    1. Yes, I love the Murad Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer. You can find it at Ulta or Massage Envy. It’s kind of thick so you only need a little bit but it helps absorb the oils on your face throughout the day and keeps your face matte. I use it every day!

    1. If you’re talking about under eye circles a good eye cream is necessary. Benefit has a good one called It’s Potent. It helps to brighten your under eye area. And any eye cream with Vitamin C, which is also a brightening agent.

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