Pay Attention: ANTI-Aging

It's so funny to me that most of the women I've talked to and consulted with feel that anti-aging products aren't necessary until you get closer to your 40s and 50s.  Not so.  Think about it.....anti means before.  So anti-aging products are meant to help you before you start aging, to help prevent things like … Continue reading Pay Attention: ANTI-Aging

Pay attention to expiration dates!

It's very important to know when to get rid of both skin care and makeup products.  Using anything past it's expiration date can cause a variety of issues. I find that especially with makeup women tend to hold on to it until it's all gone.  For example, with products like powders that come in compacts there is a … Continue reading Pay attention to expiration dates!

Pay Attention: Ingredients!

So I think I'm going to start a Pay Attention series....just things to pay attention to that can help you tackle your skin care issues.  It's always nice to see a professional, either a dermatologist if you have a skin disease, or an esthetician who can help keep up with regular maintenance. You don't have … Continue reading Pay Attention: Ingredients!

Moisturizer Recommendations

So in my last post I mentioned what you should not use on your skin as a moisturizer and had a lot of follow up questions regarding what should be used.  Here are some good moisturizers for the cooler weather, in no particular order. I am a big fan of Clinique's turnaround overnight moisturizer.  In … Continue reading Moisturizer Recommendations

Tip Tuesday – What NOT to use as a moisturizer

So we all have products that our mothers or grandmothers put on our face that was NOT in any way beneficial.  The one I remember the most is none other than Vaseline.  My mother would slather this stuff all over my face every morning.  I felt like I was suffocating.  And she still uses it to … Continue reading Tip Tuesday – What NOT to use as a moisturizer

Change your skincare with the weather

Now that's it's getting cooler in temperature it's important for you to change your skin care routine.  Just like you adjust your wardrobe, you gotta adjust your skincare.  Some may not need to change much, wile others may need to swap out a few products.  It all depends on your skin and your skin type. … Continue reading Change your skincare with the weather